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Who was Sarah Inam killed by Shahnawaz Amir in Pakistan?

Who was Sarah Iman, Why Justice for Sarah is trending?

On Friday morning (Sep 23), the son of a renowned Pakistani journalist murdered his wife Sarah Inam in the Shahzad city of Islamabad in Pakistan.

Inam, a 37-year-old economist, married Shahnawaz just four months ago. According to reports, she had recently travelled to Pakistan from the United Arab Emirates, where she worked. Sara was born in Canada. She was Shah Nawaz’s third wife, the police said.

Police said Shahnawaz beat his wife to death with a heavy dumbbell and then tried to hide her body in the bathtub.

The brutal murder has mobilized women’s rights activists in Pakistan who say the authorities must take decisive action to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Inam’s story comes to light months after a Pakistani businessman, Zahir Jaffer, was sentenced to death by a court for beheading his wife, Noor Mukadam. Inam was allegedly killed on Friday by Shahnawaz after a dispute over a family issue.

Pakistani police arrested a veteran journalist after his son beat his new wife to death at his suburban home.

Ayaz Amir, a well-known TV columnist and political analyst in Pakistan, appeared in court in Islamabad on Sunday as he faces a charge of aiding his son, Shahnawaz, in the murder of Sara Inam.

Who is Sarah Inam

Inam was a 37-year-old economist and she was born in Canada. Sarah received her Bachelor of Arts, Economics (Hons) and a Bachelor of Business from the University of Waterloo. She later studied for her Master’s degree at the same university. She had also done internships at the University of Waterloo and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

Sarah has direct experience working in an international environment on education reform, employability and economic development initiatives in the Gulf Region, Pakistan and Canada.

She began her career as a junior economist at US AID and then joined Deloitte, an international professional services firm. She also worked with the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge.

Sarah, who had recently married, had reportedly gone to Pakistan to see her husband and her in-laws. After a heated argument, her husband alleged that he beat her to death.

Celebrities, human rights and social activists and journalists from across Pakistan also called for justice for Sarah. Sarah’s last Instagram post seems like she felt she could heal him and he killed her.

“How long before we get any sort of justice for any woman who has been killed at the hands of rage and privilege,” questioned Khan. “Another hashtag. Another long wait for justice. Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Sarah Inam

A Twitter user directed the attention to women’s “rightful rage” when it comes to standing up against the way they are treated in this country.

Sarah Inam
Sarah Inam


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