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Who was Khasha Zwan alias Nazar Mohammad? Why was he killed?

Who was Khasha Zwan; Famous Afghan comedian Nazar Mohammad alias 'Khasha Zwan' has been killed in Afghanistan's war-torn province of Kandahar

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Who was Khasha Zwan a

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who was Khasha Zwan; Famous Afghan comedian Nazar Mohammad alias 'Khasha Zwan' has been killed in Afghanistan's war-torn province of Kandahar. Khashazwan was abducted on Thursday night and later killed. The Taliban in Afghanistan have said they are investigating the killing of Nazar Mohammad.

Who was Khasha Zwan

Nazar Mohammad, popularly known as Khasha Jawan, was thrown out of his house on Thursday night and murdered, Tolo News reported. The family of the comedian, who had previously worked with the Kandahar police, has blamed the Taliban for the attack. The Taliban, however, denied involvement in the incident.

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According to Tolo News, the family of comedian Khasha Zwan has alleged that Khashazwan was killed by the Taliban while the Taliban has denied any involvement in the incident. The incident took place during the Taliban's ongoing offensive against Afghan forces and civilians.

A video of the incident has also gone viral on social media. The video shows Khasha Zwan sitting in a car among the Taliban gunmen, while a gunman is seen slapping them in the face and shouting at them in Pashto. The comedian is being humiliated by slapping him in the face.

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In the video, a gunman can be heard shouting at Nazar Mohammad 'Khasha', who he says is a militant and has been arrested. The Taliban, which has been rapidly occupying Afghan territory since the US withdrawal, has faced the biggest negative reaction in recent days. Many observers insist that if this proves true, it will mean that the Taliban have not changed.

His body has been received by his family. Authorities say his hands were tied behind his back. Khasha is said to have been a policeman at one time and was quite famous for his jokes and had a large following on social media.

Khasha Zwan was killed by the Taliban

There has been a strong reaction on social media against the murder. Many users criticized the Taliban for calling the killings "unjustified cruelty". Taliban spokesman Qari Yousaf Ahmadi wrote on his Twitter account on July 7 that Khasha had been killed in an attack in Kandahar City. He also claimed that Nazar had insulted religious leaders and Taliban prisoners.

The Taliban's stance on the incident has changed repeatedly. Sohail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban's political office in Doha, initially denied the killing, but when the latest video surfaced, he said the incident should be investigated. Nazar Mohammad had come to Kandahar for Eid when he was taken into custody from his home and killed.

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