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WeLoveShahRukhKhan is now trending; what is the matter?

#WeLoveShahRukhKhan is now trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: WeLoveShahRukhKhan is now trending; On Thursday morning, Twitter saw a hate campaign against Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. The hashtag- #BoycottShahRukhKhan was used in the campaign led by Arun Yadav, the state in-charge of the BJP’s Information Technology Department in Haryana.

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Yadav made several tweets asking people to boycott Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. He called on people to boycott Khan and retweeted several tweets that used Islamophobic slurs and accused the actor of favoring Pakistan.

Sadhvi Prachi also sparks Shah Rukh Khan said, ‘Shah Rukh Khan eats the rice of Hindustan. But he is outraged that Pakistan will sing the song. Shah Rukh’s statement 5 years ago has now gone viral, with his latest film ‘Pathan’ being the subject of ‘Boycott Shah Rukh’.

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WeLoveShahRukhKhan is now trending?

Fans across India took to Twitter with a counter hashtag- #WeLoveShahRukhKhan. Twitter user wrote “The only Indian actor with the maximum number of doctorates for his Charity work and the only Indian actor to receive the UNESCO award for charity Bharat ki Shaan, Shah Rukh Khan.”

Another user wrote “UNESCO gives him awards for his contribution towards him country And some ** questioning his Love towards India. That’s why education is important”.

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SRK made it big globally without going International, just by working in Bollywood and Globalising it. He is above the Movie Star. No star has ever got such honours. Any Global events or Organization collaborates with Artists or Indians, @iamsrk is there, another user wrote.

Another user wrote, “In 2008 Shah Rukh Khan helped two Orphan Children who were seriously injured in an attack in Srinagar, not only he brought them to hospital but also visited them in the Hospital!”.

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