Was this an earthquake in Kashmir? Twitter feels shock

An Earthquake like tremors were felt in Srinagar area of Jammu and Kashmir a few minutes ago. Massive tremors were felt in Srinagar city and Ganderbal areas of Kashmir, forcing hundreds of people to come out of their homes. There are also reports about people hearing a blast like sound in different areas of the city. One of the local Journalist said that people are in a state of panic as they had left their homes for safety, even nobody knows what actual happen.

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Mir farhat said that The earth was shaking like a hard hitting tremor here, whatever it was, it was really scary. Speaking to GroundReport.in MeT department official said it is NOT a natural earthquake. However as per National Center for Seismology (NCS), that was a shallow Earthquake at a depth of 5 kms with epicenter at Lat 34.15 North and Long 74.70 East – halfway between Panzinara and Mujigund on Srinagar outskirts.

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Shallow earthquakes can apparently create seismic “booms”. Meanwhile social media is abuzz with the nature of the tremor and speculations, no official confirmation about it has been received so far. One of the senior Journalist wrote on twitter that It wasn’t earthquake for sure. We don’t have to feel one first time. This was like some huge blast. #Kashmir.

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Another Twitter user tweeted, #Mysterious Earthquake or Air blast ? Moderate intensity earthquake or blast jolts Kashmir.

Insider Paper tweeted, Breaking video: Kashmir #earthquake or Sonic boom from jet or explosion – whatever it was, but it surely jolted everyone in #Kashmir and surrounding areas.

Though Jammu and Kashmir police has not yet released any official statement on the matter nor has the government reacted on it. To know more on the news keep reading GroundReport.in.

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