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Uttar Pradesh: Dalit boy dies after alleged beating by teacher

Dalit boy dies; A 15-year-old Dalit boy died on Monday in the district of Uttar Pradesh. Two weeks ago the teacher hit this child.

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Uttar Pradesh: Dalit boy dies after alleged beating by teacher

A 15-year-old Dalit boy died on Monday in the Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh. Two weeks ago the teacher hit this child.

A case has been registered against the teacher under IPC sections 308 (attempted manslaughter) and 504 (intentional insult with intent to incite) and the SC-ST Act. As per the reports, the teacher is still missing.

Protest in Auraiya

Violent protests have started in Auraiya since Monday night over the boy's death. According to the police, when the boy's body was handed over to the family after the autopsy, protesters gathered in front of the school and shouted slogans. Angry protesters also threw stones at the police.

Following this, a police force was deployed to the occasion and incident. Kanpur Area Additional General Manager Bhanu Bhaskar told The Indian Express that senior police and district officials arrived at the scene to take stock of the situation and that the situation is under control.

Police say "the family has taken the boy's body to his village where he will be cremated."

Auraiya circle official Mahendra Pratap Singh said the preliminary investigation found that the boy was suffering from kidney disease before the beating incident and was receiving treatment at a hospital in Lucknow. He said information about the illness and treatment will be verified through the hospital and the family.

Dalit boy dies

According to police, on September 7, the boy was beaten by a teacher for writing wrong answers on a social education test. On September 24, an FIR is being registered for the child's father's complaint.

The father wrote in his complaint that "The boy misspelt the answer to a question and the teacher hit him with a stick. After which the boy passed out."

A senior police official told Indian Express that the boy's medical records have not yet been taken from the family. Auraiya SP Charu Nigam says that the autopsy of the body was carried out by a panel of doctors from Etawah and the report is awaited.

After the registration of this case, when the police tried to arrest the school teacher, it was found that he was on the run. A police team has been formed to arrest the teacher.

Teacher used a "rod

According to the police report filed by the father on September 24, the teacher allegedly “hit him with a stick” because he got an answer wrong on a social studies test on September 7. Some news reports have mentioned that the teacher used a "rod." NDTV also reported that the teacher also "kicked him until he fell unconscious."

The father has said that the teacher, having initially promised to pay for the boy's medical treatment, gave the father Rs 40,000. He then stopped taking the father's calls, according to his complaint. The boy's father also said that when he confronted the teacher, he was abused with racial slurs.

The boy received medical attention in Etawah and Lucknow in the last two weeks. On Sunday, when his condition reportedly worsened, he was taken to a hospital in Saifai, where he is said to have been brought in dead.


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