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Trump launches his own social media platform

Trump launches his own social media platform

Ground Report | New Delhi: Trump launches his own social media; launches Donald Trump has named the new social media app ‘Truth Social’ and the word ‘Truth’ will be written in bold letters. Truth Social is being launched on the platform of Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG). According to analysts, Trump is actually preparing to run in the 2024 elections by launching a new social media platform.

Trump launches his own social media

The company’s press release states that its mission is to counter “big tech companies” that are taking advantage of their monopoly to stifle dissent in the United States. “We live in a world where the Taliban have a large number of Twitter accounts, but your favorite American president has been silenced,” Trump wrote, happy to launch the new social app.

The former president will be the chairman of the new social media group. He added, “I am happy to share my first truth on Truth Social soon. TMTG is founded with the mission of giving space to everyone’s voice. I am happy that soon I will be able to compete with the big tech companies by sharing my thoughts on Truth Social. ”

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When will Truth Social start?

According to the company’s press release, the interim version of Truth Social will be launched next month. Initially, only a limited number of users will be able to use the beta version, and only invited users will be able to participate.

Later in the first quarter of next year, the Truth social app services will be launched to the public. The Truth Social app is currently available for pre-order on the Apple Store.

In addition to social media, Trump’s new company will also launch an ‘on-demand video service’ where current affairs and news programs, including entertainment, will be available.

The company also hinted in its initial press release that in the future, ‘cloud services’ will be launched that will compete with Google and Amazon Cloud.

Significantly, Twitter and Facebook have banned former US President Donald Trump’s social media accounts. The ban has been in place since Trump’s supporters stormed Capitol Hill in January this year after losing the election.

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