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This Chinese newspaper impressed by support of Modi government

Chinese newspaper impressed of Modi government; Tension on the India-China border is not abating, but on Friday, India

By Ground Report
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This Chinese newspaper impressed by support of Modi government

Ground Report | New Delhi: Chinese newspaper impressed of Modi; Tension on the India-China border is not abating, but on Friday, India supported the organization of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in China in 2022. On the other hand, there were indications from the United States that it could make a diplomatic boycott of this international sporting event in case of human rights violations.

There has been tension on the China-India border for the past 19 months. It has been said in many media reports that China is further strengthening the military base on the border with India. But in a virtual meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday, Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar supported China in organizing the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. (Chinese newspaper impressed of Modi)

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A joint statement was issued after this meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, China, and India. "Ministers have endorsed the holding of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in China in 2022," the statement said. China will host the Chinese Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games from March 4-13 next year.

Recently, US President Joe Biden said that his administration is considering a diplomatic boycott of sporting events in China.

The Biden government will send its players to China but is considering not sending a delegation of officials. Australia, Canada, and Germany are said to be able to join the United States in this matter as well.

Regarding this support for India, the Global Times newspaper, which considers itself the mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party of China, has written in its article: "India's support shows that it is not a natural ally of the United States." The Times has fiercely praised him.

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Global Times has written: "India has grown closer to the United States in recent years due to tensions with China on many issues. In the midst of all this, India has surprised social media users and many countries by supporting the Winter Olympics in China.

This shows that, although there is tension on the border between the two countries, the entire bilateral relationship is not tense. Both countries have common interests on many fronts. Both countries can avoid confrontation and re-establish cooperation before 2020.

Global Times wrote: "India has shown diplomatic and strategic autonomy by supporting China in the Winter Olympics. Despite leaning toward the United States, India has shown that it cannot stay with the United States in all regional and international affairs. very clear that New Delhi is not a natural ally of Washington.

Global Times wrote: "Despite strengthening ties with the US, Japan and Australia, India continues to seek ties with China, Russia and the SCO, as well as with the BRICS member states. This shows that India wants to maintain its Liberal foreign policy and does not want to limit its relations with any field.

Qian Feng, director of the Research Department at Tsinghua University's National Strategic Institute, told the Global Times that "India has sent a positive message that it will analyze the tension with China and bring stability to bilateral relations." More patience is needed to deal with the current stalemate. Both parties can resolve the dispute through further dialogue.

The Global Times wrote: "From India's position at the Winter Olympics it is clear that it does not want to be America's little brother, as are Japan and Australia. India wants to become a force on its own and is reluctant. to join the United States.

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