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These are the top 5 most dangerous hackers of all time

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Gonzalez had credit card details of 17 crore people. He earned crores by selling it

The top hackers in the world come from different backgrounds and geographic locations, with the common common theme of having an early passion for technology. Given that Cobalt Core is our own “hacker market” (ie a highly verified global community of top talented talent), we thought it worth approving the most famous names in the game, who paved the way and tested the boundaries For future hackers to come.

 Today we are going to tell you about such hackers who have done such things which surprised everyone. 

Jonathan James

According to the nytimes report, Jonathan had accessed the US government database and extracted all the information about the operation of the space station from NASA’s network. After which NASA had to shut down its network for 3 weeks. After which he came in the hands of the police. James was charged with several serious charges, but he flatly denied these charges and committed suicide.

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Ryan Collins

Ryan Collins has been considered the most dangerous hacker. According to news from washingtontimes , hacker leaked nude photos of Jennifer Upton to Kate Upton. For which punishment was also given. Specializes in extracting private photos, messages and videos from mobile. He specializes in hacking the passwords of iPhone and Google and extracting the necessary information. 

Albert Gonzalez

Albert Gonzalez is a hacker who made crores of people poor. According to independent news, Gonzalez had credit card details of 17 crore people. He earned crores by selling it. Not only this, he also used to make things like fake passports, health insurance cards and birth certificates. For which he has been sentenced to 20-20 years. 

Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick is considered to be America’s most dangerous cyber criminal. He used to hack even the biggest secret project. Kevin made a dent in the US National Security Alert Program and also opened the file of corporate secrets easily. For which he was sent to jail for 25 years. After which he became a consultant and now he is working to take cyber security in a new direction. Two Hollywood films have also been made on Kevin.

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Kevin Paulson

Kevin had hacked the system of a radio station and won the show. He won a Porsche car after winning the show. After which the FBI was eyeing him. After which he did not leave the FBI and hacked his system as well. Later he was sentenced to 51 weeks. After coming out he became a journalist and now he helps the American police. 

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