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Telangana is leading in environmental performance, what are they doing?

Telangana is leading in environmental performance, what are they doing?

Telangana has been ranked as the leading state in terms of overall environmental performance, according to ‘The State of India’s Environment 2023 In Figures’ report published by the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) and Down to Earth magazine. The report, released on the eve of World Environment Day, highlights Telangana’s significant progress in various sectors.

Telangana leading in environmental performance

Telangana secured the top position in the environmental parameter, with notable achievements in increasing forest cover and municipal waste treatment. The state was the only one among the 29 states surveyed to score higher than seven out of ten in terms of forest cover expansion, reaching a score of 7.21. Gujarat and Goa followed closely in the ranking, securing the second and third position with scores of 6.5 and 6.3, respectively.

On the other hand, Bihar, Nagaland and Rajasthan found themselves at the bottom of the list in terms of environmental performance. Notably, six northeastern states, including Assam, were among the ten lowest-ranking states, a copy of the report obtained by Ground Report.

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Among the southern states, Andhra Pradesh secured the sixth position, followed by Kerala at eighth, Karnataka at eighteenth and Tamil Nadu at twenty-first.

Telangana’s achievements in the environmental sphere have also received recognition in the past. In 2022, Hyderabad was awarded the World Green City Award and the Living Green for Economic Recovery and Inclusive Growth Award at the International Association of Horticultural Growers (AIPH) World Green City Awards held in South Korea.

Despite its overall success, the report also highlighted areas where Telangana performed below average. These included parameters such as the “proportion of water bodies not in use”, “stage of groundwater extraction” and “change in the number of polluted river reaches”.

Haritha Haram’ afforestation program

The Telangana government is set to launch the ‘Haritha Haram’ afforestation program on June 19 as part of the 10th Formation Day celebrations of the state. Aiming to plant Rs 19.29 crore, the initiative will take place during the Telangana Green Festival – Haritha Utsavam.

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The report’s findings underscore the progress made by Telangana in improving its environmental performance, while shedding light on areas that require further attention to ensure sustainable development and ecological preservation.

Environmental performance state-wise

RankStateOverall Score (1-10)
6Andhra Pradesh5.567
7Himachal Pradesh5.542
16Uttar Pradesh4.795
19Madhya Pradesh4.572
21Tamil Nadu4.461
25Arunachal Pradesh3.738
26West Bengal3.704

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