Indoor microplastic concentration 28 times higher than outdoor: study

Thousands of microplastics discovered in human heart tissue

Tiny particles called microplastics can enter our bodies without us realizing it. We encounter them every day during our morning routine of washing our faces, using lotion, drinking water, and brushing our teeth. These particles, which measure less than 5 mm, can enter our body in different ways: by eating, breathing or touching. Microplastics is … Read more

Researchers separate microplastics from wastewater using sound waves

microplastic sound wave cleaning research

Most rivers and lakes or from a canal to the Ocean have colorful plastic debris floating along the surface. Less than 5 mm in size and barely noticeable, microplastics can harm aquatic life, plants, and people. Therefore, researchers are developing strategies to eliminate and stop them at the source. Most plastic particles from actual water … Read more