Story of Yash Rastogi raped and killed by gay friends

In a shocking incident, an LLB student in Meerut was murdered by his gay friends and then chopped his dead body into pieces and threw it into a drain. After this, his body was thrown into the drain and cut into several pieces of the body.

At the scene of the 4 arrested accused, the body of the student was recovered by the police from the Pilokhdi drain in Lisadigate on Saturday night. Police said that during questioning, the accused also admitted to committing a misdemeanour prior to the murder.

According to the police, the deceased was missing for six days. A surprising incident has come to light in the police investigation. Police said, Yash Rastogi’s colleagues had kidnapped him. After this, the three companions misbehaved with him and killed him with his throat cut. The body was then cut into pieces and put into a sack and dumped down the drain.

As per the report of Dainik Bhaskar, LLB student Yash Rastogi, a resident of Jagriti Vihar sector 6 of the medical police station area, was killed by his gay Muslim friends, after which the killers cut up and threw his corpse into a drain near Pilokhadi. in the Lisadi Gate area of ​​Meerut.

The Meerut police recovered the body parts from the drain on Saturday, July 2, late at night. The arrested accused have told during the police investigation that they had sodomized the deceased young man before killing him.

The 4 accused Salman, Shahvez, Ali Jan and Imran have been arrested by the police. At the accused’s behest, police recovered the student’s body from the Pilokhari drain in Lisadigate on Saturday night. Police said that under questioning, the accused also admitted to committing a misdemeanour prior to the killing.

According to Vinit Bhatnagar, SP from the city of Meerut, it was a group of homosexual friends. Yash Rastogi was killed by his gay friends in the same group. An autopsy of the recovered corpse was carried out on Sunday and then the last rites were performed at the Surajkund crematorium.

A strong police force was deployed to the home of the deceased youth, the medical college and Surajkund, considering the sensitivity of the situation. Students studying with Yash Rastogi have demanded that the accused be charged under the National Security Law. Locals have also demanded that the administration demolish the houses of the accused.

After intense questioning, the accused said that Yash used to blackmail them by stealing movies from the website. 40 thousand of Savage have been recovered. Yash was called to the Pilokhadi outpost alone to retrieve the money, where after a dispute, Yash was killed by putting a substance in his mouth, and his body was then dumped down the drain.

According to the police, Alishan and Chavez had committed the murder and Salman was worried about disposing of the body. However, police say it will likely be recognized how the homicide was committed only after the autopsy report.

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