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Squid Game new series on Netflix, Breaking all viewership records

Everyone is talking about survivalist Korean-drama Squid Game. Yes this series is getting so popular that soon it will become the most-watched show in the world. 

Squid Game is a Netflix original drama, made in South Korea, but it’s dubbed into English. And unlike some shows where the dubbing leaves a little something to be desired, this is top-notch work. 

What Squid Game is all about?

  • Directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk
  • Origin Country: Korea
  • Genre: Violent Thriller
  • Release: On netflix


  • 456 contestants who are in desperate need of money join a deadly survival game in order to win 45.6 billion Korean won, which is around $38.6 million.
  • They’re first tricked into a deadly tournament of children’s games, but then many of them volunteer to come back, realizing the games may be their only chance to win the money they need to survive.
  • There are six games that the contestants have to compete in as soldiers dressed in red jumpsuits, masked and equipped with guns supervise them. Each game is inspired by traditional Korean children’s games, but the consequence of losing in the adult version is death. 
  • Social media users are comparing the show to the Hunger Games and James Wan’s Saw movies. Like those films, the series pits people against each other and places them in deadly situations they have to figure out how to escape from. 
  • The thriller provides plenty of brutal gore, violence, and suspense, so if you’re into that sort of thing, look no further.
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Why you should watch it?

  • If you enjoy being on the edge of your seat and nail-biting while watching TV, then hit play. If not, watch at your own discretion.

Why it is not for you?

It can be uncomfortable to watch as the characters scramble for survival as they also grapple with their personal despair outside of the games.

The dubbing might take some getting used to but the voice actors make it so that it doesn’t take away from the show.

Squid Game Breaking Records

  • The show received an overall score of 562, beating out Sweet Home, who had previously peaked at 428 points during its run. It even managed to beat Money Heist, a longstanding popular Netflix show. Squid Game is currently the highest scored K-Drama on Netflix.
  • Netflix’s global top 10 charts, breaking the record of Bridgerton, which has 82 million accounts viewing it. Currently, Squid Game is the most-watched show in 90 countries and as Netflix announced, it’s on its way to becoming the most popular series from the giant streaming platform.

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