Should not delay UPSC exam due to Covid-19

Union public service commission (UPSC) exams will be held on 4 October 2020. A situation occurred in country due to covid-19 people are are afraid of going outside but still examinations are held for students of graduation, UPSC, Medical etc.

Regarding this supreme court ask the UPSC to not conduct exams but in reply UPSC said that examinations can’t be cancelled due to covid-19. Insuch condition supreme court ordered UPSC to submit an affidavit by Tuesday.

Why reservation is still necessary to uplift the depressed classes?

“Actually examinations of UPSC were held on 30 September but due to covid-19 they got cancelled an reschedule on 4th October” lawyer from UPSC said to supreme court.

It is told that 20 candidates of UPSC filed a petition against this examination. They stated that this examination will be of around 7 hours in an offline mode, that can be conducted by around 6 lakh candidates. And it will be held in around 72 cities of India.

Covid-19 is increasing day by day petitioner told that due to examinations there can be an increment in in spreading of virus so it is stated that according to new amendment procedure of Indian Constitution it is against Article 21 (Right to live free and health life).

The petitioner stated that due to fear spread of disease or death people are unable to give examinations.

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