‘Responsible Leader?’: Netizens Questions after Finnish PM seen partying

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin is making headlines yet again, for more or less the same reason. Recently, a video got leaked. In the video, the PM can be seen partying and consuming alcohol. Some netizens when suggest, that cocaine can be in the video. Now the question is, what is appropriate behavior for a PM?

People, mostly on the internet, question how an office bearer should behave, and what classifies as ‘responsible behavior’. PM Sanna Marin has been news for attending more music festivals than people do and spending too much time in clubs.  

And, as always, the internet has opinions on the same:

Should celebrities or politicians or heads of state be ‘banned’ from having personal lives? 

Finland as a country is on the back foot. The upcoming energy crisis in the country will impact the economy. The relations with neighboring Russia are sour. Finland is trying to join NATO. With these things in mind, maybe partying isn’t the best option.

Double Standards?

Although, she has been continuously criticized for the above-mentioned choices by the opposition party leader. But, it does start the debate on what is empowering and liberating behavior. And, if a male leader would have seen doing something similar they would have been dismissed, and extensively criticized. Maybe, even called an alcoholic. This is important to see office bearers in the same light, instead of having different parameters.

It is essential to mention, that across history, we have had some very flamboyant male leaders or dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Libya dictator Muammar Gaddafi, to name a few. At least, Finland is democratic enough that a PM can be criticized for their choices, and the citizens are not just mook speculators.

Who is Sanna Marin?

Finland PM Sanna Marin became the world’s youngest PM in 2019. When she took over as the country’s head, the nation witnessed continuous strikes and the rise of populist leaders. The PM represents the Social Democratic Party of Finland in the parliament.

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