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Residents of LoC: For us every day is Eid without shelling

Residents of LoC; People living along the Line of Control (LoC) are feeling relieved in the wake of the prevailing ceasefire on both sides

By Ground report
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Residents of LoC

Ground Report | New Delhii: Residents of LoC; People living along the Line of Control (LoC) are feeling relieved in the wake of the prevailing ceasefire on both sides of the fence as they believe that every day without shelling will be celebrated for them. is.

A resident of the border district of Kupwara, said that this year they are carrying out their activities without any fear and are feeling very comfortable for which they have to inform the officials of both the countries, News Agency KNO reported.

Residents of LoC

Muneer Ahmed, a resident of Ring area of ​​the Machil sector, said, “This year all the activities are being done openly and this year people are very happy. "I hope the ceasefire will continue so that people can live in peace and not lose property and live longer. However, locals say they have seen a ceasefire declared hundreds of times in the past and no one can predict how long the agreement will last.

Ghulam Mohiuddin, a resident of Kupwara, said, “Ceasefire is a welcome step, but it should last long otherwise everything we build in a few years gets damaged within minutes of an exchange of fire. "

Residents of Kupwara said that 40 underground bunkers have been built in the area, but the number is very less considering the number of people living in the district. “There is a need to build more bunkers so that precious lives are protected in case the situation worsens again,” a group of residents said.

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LOC residents of the Kupwara district said that every day that passes without fire is Eid for them. “But this Eid is different because there is peace on both sides of the fence. We expect guests and will offer animal sacrifices without any fear. This Eid, we will be able to distribute the sacrificial meat among relatives and neighbors without any fear,” said Imtiaz Ahmed, a resident of the Chowkibal area of ​​Kupwara.


Sajjad Ahmed, an adventure trekker from the valley, said that Bangas, Lolab, and other places have great potential to attract a large number of tourists and many people have visited these places in recent times as they find it time as a stress reliever.

He said that many groups are involved in adventure trekking and camping in the valley.

Regarding the steps to promote tourism in the border areas, Sajjad said that adventure is not for everyone but experts should accompany the people visiting any place and about courses for those interested in it. thought so that the risk involved is minimized and they know how to deal with the upcoming situation

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“The government should train more and more people associated with adventure tourism as there is a lack of awareness about it,” he said.

Several representatives of the three border districts said they were ready to welcome the visits as there was peace on the borders and the government had to play its part in promoting tourism to attract people not only from the Valley but from different parts of the country. needed. globe

He said that a large number of people have started visiting remote areas and this will probably open more windows which will help the local people to earn in a very positive way.

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