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Rahul Gandhi on Pegasus: My Phone is definitely tapped

Rahul Gandhi on Pegasus; Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has Pegasus said fiercely attacked the government on the issue of (Pegasus). Rahul Gandhi

By Ground report
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Rahul Gandhi on Pegasus

Ground Report | New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi on Pegasus; Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has Pegasus said fiercely attacked the government on the issue of (Pegasus). Rahul Gandhi raised many questions on the PM regarding the issue of his phone being tapped and demanded the resignation of Home Minister Amit Shah.

Pegasus is a weapon, the Israeli government considers it a weapon, this weapon is used against terrorists and criminals. The Prime Minister and the Home Minister have used this weapon against the institutions and democracy of India. tapped my phone.

Rahul Gandhi further said that this is not just a matter of my privacy, it is an attack on the voice of the people. Pegasus was used to stop the Supreme Court and Rafale investigation. The Home Minister should resign and there should be a judicial inquiry on Narendra Modi because only the PM and the Home Minister can authorize it.

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Rahul Gandhi's name has appeared in the list of possible targets on the leaked database of spyware Pegasus of the Israeli company NSO, which is sold only to governments. The list of 300 phones from India includes the Leader of the Opposition, two Union Ministers, businessman Anil Ambani, a former CBI chief, a virologist, and 40 journalists. However, it has not been established that all the phones were hacked.

Mr. Gandhi claimed he was told by security personnel that his conversations were being monitored.

"I get calls from IB (Intelligence Bureau) people who tap my phone. They say your phone is being tapped. My security people tell me that I have to understand whatever they have to say. I am not in any pretense that I have been tapped." Rahul Gandhi said that even his friends got calls and told that the phone has been tapped.

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He said, "I am not afraid. I am not afraid. In this country, if you are corrupt and thieves, you will be afraid. If you are not among them, you have nothing to fear."

The government has denied allegations of espionage by the opposition and denies any role amidst daily revelations of potential targets. Mr Gandhi accused Home Minister Amit Shah of "using this weapon" (Pegasus) against India's institutions, India's democracy.

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