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Pulitzer prize 2021 in journalism: Here is the full list of winners

The Columbia University announced the prestigious award in journalism and art Pulitzer Prize for 2021 on Friday in a remote

By tanujaksingh
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Pulitzer prize 2021 in journalism: Here is the full list of winners

Megha Rajagopalan, along with two contributors, won the Pulitzer Prize for innovative investigative reports using satellite technology that uncovered China's mass detention camps for Uighur Muslims and other minority ethnicities.

Ground Report | New Delhi: The Columbia University announced the prestigious award in journalism and art Pulitzer Prize for 2021 on Friday in a remote ceremony for the second time. The award was announced after a year that witnessed several historic events including the Coronavirus pandemic, the racial reckoning after the police killing of George Floyd, and the Presidential Election in the USA.

However, after a long time, an Indian-origin journalist Megha Rajagopalan has received the Pulitzer Prize, America's top journalism award, for her investigative reporting in mass detention camps in China. The Pulitzer Board announced this on Friday.

This is the 105th class of this award where journalists from various fields were awarded for their courageous, objective, and responsible reporting throughout the year of the pandemic. This year the board of the Pulitzer Prize has announced a special citation and awarded a teenager named Dornella Frazier for courageously recording the George Floyd Murder’s video that inflamed protests against police brutality around the world.

Here is the list of Pulitzer Prize winners in the field of journalism

1. Public Service

The New York Times got this award for brave, foresighted, and comprehensive coverage of the coronavirus pandemic that exposed racial and economic inequities, government failures in the United States and beyond.

2. Breaking News Reporting

The Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Minnesota, won the prize for its timely, accurate, and comprehensive coverage of George Floyd's killing at the hands of Minneapolis police and the subsequent repercussions.

3. Investigative Reporting

The Boston Globe's Matt Rocheleau, Vernal Coleman, Laura Crimaldi, Evan Allen, and Brendan McCarthy won the award for reporting that revealed state governments' systemic failure to disclose information about unsafe truck drivers that could have kept them off the road, causing rapid reforms.

4. Explanatory Reporting

Reuters' Andrew Chung, Lawrence Hurley, Andrea Januta, Jaimi Dowdell, and Jackie Botts got the award for an in-depth look at the obscure legal doctrine of "qualified immunity" and how it protects cops who use excessive force from prosecution, based on groundbreaking data analysis of federal court cases in the United States.

The Atlantic’s Ed Yong got for a series of concise, decisive pieces on the COVID-19 pandemic that predicted the disease's trajectory, consolidated the country's complex issues, exposed the US government's shortcomings, and offered clear and accessible context for the scientific and human difficulties it posed.

5. Local Reporting

The Tampa Bay Times' Kathleen McGrory and Neil Bedi

For daring, innovative reporting that revealed how a powerful and politically connected sheriff established an undercover intelligence operation that harassed neighbors and profiled students using grades and child welfare information.

6. National Reporting

The Marshall Project, Birmingham's AL.com, Indianapolis' IndyStar, and Chicago's Invisible Institute got the award for a year-long study into K-9 units and the harm that police dogs cause to Americans, including innocent bystanders and officers, which resulted in a slew of statewide reforms.


7. International Reporting

BuzzFeed News' Megha Rajagopalan, Alison Killing, and Christo Buschek got the award for a series of clear and engaging pieces that identified a large new infrastructure erected by the Chinese government for the mass imprisonment of Muslims, using satellite imagery and architectural expertise, as well as interviews with two dozen former prisoners.

8. Feature Writing

Mitchell S. Jackson, freelance contributor, Runner’s World.

For a moving narrative of Ahmaud Arbery's murder that blended vivid writing, thorough reporting, and personal experience to shed awareness on America's systemic racism. The California Sunday Magazine's freelance contributor Nadja Drost

For a bold and engrossing storey of worldwide migration that follows a group of people as they walk through the Darién Gap, one of the world's most dangerous stretches of land.


The Richmond Times-Michael Dispatch's Paul Williams

For probing and historically informed writings that guided Richmond, the former Confederate capital, through the difficult and traumatic process of removing the city's white supremacist monuments.

10. Criticism

New York Times' Wesley Morris

For unfailingly topical and highly involved commentary on the nexus of race and culture in America, expressed in a unique style that alternates between being comical and profound.

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11. Editorial Writing

Robert Greene of the Los Angeles Times for editorials on policing, bail reform, prisons, and mental health that investigated the criminal justice system in Los Angeles in a concise and comprehensive manner.

12. Breaking News Photography

The Associated Press's photography team

For a collection of images from many U.S. cities that illustrates the country's reaction to George Floyd's death.

13. Feature Photography

Emilio Morenatti of Associated Press For a moving sequence of images depicting the lives of elderly people in Spain who are battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

14.Audio Reporting

Lisa Hagen, Chris Haxel, Graham Smith, and Robert Little of National Public Radio got the award for an investigation into “no compromise” gun rights activists that revealed the deep divisions and divide within American conservatives.

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