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PUBG New State waved before launch, more than 1 crore pre-registrations

The launch of PUBG New State was announced in February and it will be released by the end of this year. Prior to launching, the company has started pre-registration for this game. 

The company has reported that the number of pre-registrations of the game has crossed 10 million. This number is only for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. 

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The game became available for pre-registration in February. The company also released its trailer.

The company said on Twitter that we are happy to inform that the number of pre-registrations of PUBG New State on the Google Play Store has crossed 1 crore. We are very grateful for this great response to the community and we cannot wait until the end of this year to share the new Battle Ground experience. 

Additionally, the developers said that in the second quarter of 2021, the game will be available for ultra testing. The game will be available for testing in various regions, but no information has been released about its launch in India. 

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Selected players will have a chance to play this game before launching. The PUBG New State game will come as a successor to PUBG Mobile and will start in 2051.

Features like drones, combat rolls will be seen in this game. The game will have an 8 × 8 map and will have multiple weapon options for combat. 

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PUBG: New State will get the option of Ultra Realistic Graphic and Dynamic Gunplay. This game will be able to play on the device as Android 6.0 OS. PUBG New State can have 100 Survival Faces off until one player or one team survives. We will be like PUBG MOBILE.

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