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Home » PM Modi misleading the nation on vaccination: Congress

PM Modi misleading the nation on vaccination: Congress

PM Modi misleading the nation on vaccination

Ground Report | New Delhi: PM Modi misleading the nation; Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a message to the country at ten o’clock this morning. He congratulated all the countrymen on getting 100 crore doses of the Covid vaccine.

PM Modi misleading the nation says congress

After this, Congress party leader Gaurav Vallabh said in a press briefing that when the Prime Minister said that he would address the nation at ten o’clock this morning, we guessed that he would discuss the burning issues of the country. But he talked about some such facts which were half-incomplete, wrong, and which can spread an atmosphere of confusion in the country and the scientific community.

Gaurav Vallabh, using a famous saying – Quack Khatra-e-Jaan in the context of PM’s speech, said, “PM Modi says that vaccines have been made for the first time in the country. I want to say that in Indian society and the scientific community There cannot be a bigger insult to the researcher and all the people associated with the health department.

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largest vaccine-producing country

He said that the PM should know that India is the largest vaccine-producing country in the world. Another senior party leader Jairam Ramesh also said without naming the Prime Minister – Jagadguru of lies has written history again today by distorting facts, falsifying reality, making absurd comparisons, and beating his chest. In short, they did what they do. They have forgotten those who lost their lives due to Covid and those who lost their jobs due to the failures of the government.”

Gaurav Vallabh said, “The Prime Minister said in his statement that India became the first country in the world where 100 crore vaccines have been given. Whereas by September 16, 2021, more than 216 crore doses had been given in China.

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Gaurav Vallabh said, “How many countries of the world have a population of more than 500 million? There are only two such countries – India and China. In such a situation, how can we compare the number of doses of vaccines with a country with a population of 30 million?

The Congress spokesperson said, “Is it festival time when 50% of the population has not received a single vaccine? In our place, only 21 percent of the population has received both vaccines. Whereas in China, a month ago, 80 percent of the population had received both vaccines.

He stressed that is it a time of celebration for the lakhs of families who lost their families due to the government’s shortcomings and negligence? He said that instead of celebrating, the Prime Minister should apologize to those victims’ families.

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