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Playstation 5: TOP 10 must know facts

PS5: With the Playstation 5 release just around the corner, lets know 10 important information about PS5 Price, Features and Release in India

By Rishabh Mehta
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Playstation 5 India

With the Playstation 5’s release just around the corner, gamers are digging for information on the console. Despite Sony coming up with loads of details about the Playstation 5, Should you buy it now? What will it cost? This article encompasses all your questions regarding the SSD, the Dual sense Controller, Haptic Feedback, Ryzen CPU, Ray Tracing and much more.

Playstation 5 specifications
Playstation 5 India

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Here are 10 facts you should know about Playstation 5


When is it Coming?

The PS5 will be competing against the Xbox Series X. Both the consoles are touted to be released in ‘Holiday 2020’, so anywhere between October – December.


What will it cost?

Analysts predict the playstation 5 to cost around USD 499. In India it may cost anywhere between Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 60,000.


Backward Compatibility

The Playstation 5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games. This means that you’ll be able to insert PS4 discs into the PS5 and play them. You’ll also be able to download and play purchased PS4 games from the store. According to Sony, you’ll be able to play “an overwhelming majority” of PS4 games which is why they’re making a list of the 100 most played games on PS4.


DualSense Controller

The Dualshock controller is being replaced by a much more curved DualSense controller. What impresses me is the possibilities of the new “Haptic feedback technology”. The term ‘haptic’ literally means "relating to touch". PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said that the Dualsense controller will have a broader range of Feedback. In other words, there will be subtle vibrations and pulses to provide more feedback as opposed to a raw vibration on the Dualshock. The player will feel “Driving a car through mud, and the tactile sensation of drawing a bow and arrow” a lot differently.
The L2 & R2 buttons will also be adaptive triggers.
In addition, the share button will be replaced with the ‘Create’ button. There aren’t many details about this button as yet. However, it feels like an extension of the share button itself, with added features.
There will also be a built-in mic. The controller will be comparatively much lighter and will be able to go on for longer without charge.



SSD or the Solid State Drive in PS5 will be drastically better than a traditional HDD. An SSD won’t just offer better performance, but also immensely higher loading speed. The SSD has more bandwidth. Hence, data can be loaded from the SSD when it’s needed.
According to Sony, while 1 GB can take up to 20 gruelling seconds to load, the SSD is capable of reading up to 5.5 GB data per second. Though costly, it is a massive upgrade. This, in turn, allows developers creative freedom while creating massive open worlds without consideration for any loading screens.
This was tested on the Spiderman game. On the PS4 Pro, the game took 8.10 seconds to load whereas it took 0.8 seconds on the PS5.
The Internal storage will be built in at 825GB.


Ryzen CPU + Navi GPU

Sony has confirmed that it is working with AMD for an 8-core Zen 2 7nm architecture chip that is miles ahead of the ancient Jaguar CPUs used in PS4. A powerful CPU is going to make a huge difference as developers would be able to create complex open worlds with more realistic simulations.
As for the GPU, the PS5 will feature AMD’s next gen Navi GPU tech. But the fact that RDNA 2 GPUs or the Navi 2 or the ‘Big Navi’ is launching before the consoles, it may prompt gamers to switch to PC than buy a new console.


Ray Tracing

Over the last few years, Ray Tracing has been regarded as the next step in GPU rendering technology. This technology creates in-game lighting which is synonymous to lighting in the real world. Digital scenes will inherently mimic behaviour of real light and feel much more natural. For example, light bouncing off of shiny objects or the reflection of the moon in a river will seem a lot more realistic.


Two Models

Sony has unveiled that it’ll simultaneously launch two models – a regular PS5 with a 4K Blu-Ray drive & a Digital edition. The digital edition will not have disc drive, meaning that gamers will be required to purchase games digitally, from the PS store.


PS5: Digital Edition

The Playstation 5 Digital Edition resembles a regular PS5 in terms of looks and design. But this raises two questions. First, will the Digital Edition have the exact same hardware? Second, without the disc drive, will it cost less?
These questions are unanswered as of now. Experts however, have guessed that the PS5: Digital Edition should be priced $100 cheaper.
However, the option of buying second hand games will become moot. Gamers will, therefore, have to shell out the full price for a game.


3D Audio

PS5’s development Head, Mark Cerny, was disappointed with the lack of progress In the audio department with current gen. With Sony’s own Tempest 3D Audio Engine your audio experience is bound to improve manifold. 3D audio, simply put, is a technique that makes sound appear to be coming from all around you. Previously, in current gen, developers would trick the ear by increasing / decreasing the volume as you would get closer / farther from the source of the sound.
This technology will actually give you an immersive experience by creating truly 3D soundscapes.

Written By Rishabh Mehta

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