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Over 750 doctors Covid positive from 6 big hospitals of Delhi

At least 750 doctors, over a hundred nurses, and paramedics from six major hospitals in Delhi have tested positive for COVID-19.

By Ground report
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Ground Report | New Delhi: At least 750 doctors, over a hundred nurses, and paramedics from six major hospitals in Delhi have tested positive for COVID-19. Although most of them have mild symptoms of corona infection, this is affecting the efficiency of the hospitals.

All these health workers are currently in isolation and are in their homes, but due to their absence, hospitals have to reduce their regular efficiency. In routine clinics and surgeries, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences is battling this crisis the most.

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At present 350 resident doctors are in isolation in AIIMS. This is only the number of resident doctors. A resident doctor of the hospital told that some faculty members and many nurses and paramedics have also become corona positive.

“We have redeployed the available medical, nursing, technical, and support manpower to ensure smooth functioning of patient care areas,” admitted a senior hospital official, acknowledging that many tests positive in a short span of time. Along with this, there was a shortage of staff.

The hospital shut down its outpatient services and stopped all routine admissions and surgeries to bed-free from Friday and ensured that doctors and other medical staff were not stretched too thin. “This time, those who came in contact with positive patients or colleagues are asked to continue working. Of course, they say that this is because the symptoms are mild, but it also helps in the manpower situation,” said the resident doctor. (750 doctors Covid positive)

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Apart from AIIMS, about 175 health workers are corona positive in Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital, Delhi, out of which 125 are doctors. About 100 resident doctors are currently corona positive at Lady Hardinge Medical College and its two hospitals.

90 doctors of RML Hospital are currently in isolation. At the same time, about 200 resident doctors of Safdarjung are Corona positive. Apart from this, 29 health workers of Loknayak Hospital have also been found to be corona positive.

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