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Top five online casino games

After the harsh phase of Covid people is scared to leave their houses. In a situation like this everybody needs a good time pass

By Pallav Jain
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online casino games

After the harsh phase of Covid people is scared to leave their houses. In a situation like this everybody needs a good time pass, to change and make their mood light people are always attracted to card games. But do you think that playing your favorite card game can let you earn real good money? Well, this is true. You can play your favorite card game and can earn a lot of real money.

Today I will tell you about such online casino games with the best odds and conversion rates. Almost every online casino offers the below-mentioned games. Not only that some online casinos also offer huge welcome bonuses for playing these casino games in there.

  1. Teen Patti – Favorites at first. Teen Patti is the most famous card game in India. Its easy-to-play quick learning feature makes it more lovable by the Indian locals. The game has its own importance as it is connected with India’s root history. Teen Patti is a game that is often played at social gatherings. If you want to play online teen Patti and earn 3 Patti real money Paytm cash you can head towards any online casino. Almost each one of them offers teen Patti.
  2. Online Andar Bahar – Online Andar Bahar is also a very famous card game in India. The players have to choose a specific card number and then the dealer starts dealing the cards after that the luck factor comes in whether the selected card comes in andar or bahar side.
  3. Online Roulette – It is considered the easiest game in casino game history. Totally dependent on the luck factor, the player just has to select some numbers from 1 to 38 and place wagers on it. The dealer then spins the roulette wheel and if the ball stops at your selected number then you are the winner.
  4. Online BlackJack – The American-originated card game is now getting intensively popular in India. This card game is a little tricky and tough in comparison with others. Though the game is a little tricky it is advised you to play a few practice rounds. It can help you in winning a good amount of real money when it comes to real.
  5. Online slots – The easiest one for making money. If you think you are having a good lucky day, you should try the online slot games available in online casinos. Just match three and win a game. As simple as it looks.

You can also play Freecell solitaire

Playing all these games is completely legal you are not violating any law, you can play it for either time pass or for earning good real money. Also, these casinos offer great welcome bonuses which can help in boosting your betting amount.

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