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Nine miners saved in Congo mine collapse amid safety concerns

Nine miners saved in Congo mine collapse amid safety concerns

The video of nine Congolese miners emerging from a collapsed gold mine and tumbling down a steep slope while onlookers cheer has become viral in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The incident took place in a small mining site in South Kivu province, and the miners’ unexpected emergence brought joy to the spectators.

The miners received cheers from the surrounding people as they intensified their digging efforts and rescued their fellow miners from the collapsed hole. Surprisingly, nine miners were rescued within a few minutes.

The incident occurred at a small, artisanal mining site in South Kivu province, which is known for frequent mining accidents, especially during periods of heavy rain.

In the video, a man is seen digging with a spade on the side of a steep slope of rubble when suddenly, a miner emerges from the rubble. The scene is precarious and tense.

According to Reuters, mining accidents are becoming more frequent in the Central African country, especially at small, artisanal sites like the one in South Kivu province that collapsed due to heavy rain on Saturday.

The news agency verified the video and reported that the lack of safety procedures and appropriate equipment is the primary cause of tunnel collapses in Congolese mines, resulting in miners being trapped underground with little hope of survival.

In another recent incident, two miners lost their lives at an informal digging site, as per the Reuters report.

Crispin Kayuka, a local civil society representative, informed Reuters via telephone that they quickly mobilized people to clear the rubble blocking the entrance, and on Saturday morning, they were able to rescue nine miners.

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