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Bizzare leave application for ‘begging’ got hillarious reply from boss

An Engineer Rajkumar Yadav posted in Malwa district of Madhya Pradesh wants sunday off, so he wrote leave application to his senior. This leave application has gone viral on social media because he wants Sunday off for begging. His boss’s reply is also hilarious, Reported HT.

Bizzare Leave application

In leave application Deputy engineer Rajkumar Yadav wrote that he want sundays off because he wants to go door-to-door begging. He wants to embark on the religious journey to erase his ego, the realisation that dawn upon him after he suddenly had a flashback of his last birth. In his previous life, he was a character of the Mahabharata, with Hyderabad MP Asaduddhin Owaisi being his friend Nakul and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat was the ‘Shakuni mama’. He wants to know more about his past life and that’s why he wants to study Gita. On Sunday, he will go begging, he is expecting that his senior will grant him leave on Sundays.

What his senior replied is hillarious

The engineer also receives a reply from his senior who says that the journey to erase one’s ego should begin by not thinking that he can spend his Sundays the way he wants.

Janpad Panchayat CEO Parag Panthi advised him to work on Sunday to erase his ego, instead of begging. He wrote in his reply that the very thought that one can spend his Sundays the way he wants is egoistic thinking. Extending his support to the deputy engineer’s endeavour, his senior said he will help him destroy his ego by making him work on Sundays.

Dear deputy engineer, you want to erase your ego, it is a matter of great happiness. To this end, our cooperation can help you achieve your goal. A person is often egotistical and thinks that he can spend his Sundays at will. Destroying this ego from its roots is indispensable for your progress. Therefore, keeping in view your desire for spiritual progress, you are ordered to work every Sunday by being present in the office, so that your ego of celebrating Sunday as a holiday can be destroyed,” Parag Panthi wrote in reply.

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