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Who is Jake Bongiovi Stranger Things Actress Bobby Brown’s fiancé?

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Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, 19, is engaged to her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, 20. The news, which was revealed on Millie’s Instagram page, follows the couple’s nearly three-year relationship .

Millie and Jake, who is the son of Jon Bon Jovi, have been dating for two and a half years. Millie took to Instagram to share a black and white photo of the couple, where her engagement ring is clearly visible.

Millie chose a Taylor Swift lyric from her album’s title track, Lover, to accompany the image. “I’ve loved you three summers now, baby, I love you all,” was the letter Millie chose as a reference to the image.

Several celebrities have congratulated the couple in the comments section, including the pop star and former Strictly Hrvy finalist, who wrote, “Wooooooooo.”

Millie became famous as an actress in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, where she was cast as the main character Eleven. She was just 11 years old when she began filming the first season of the sci-fi show.

Brown and Bongiovi’s Relationship

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi sparked dating rumors in 2021 when they were spotted wandering around New York holding hands.

Millie introduced Jake to her fans in June 2021 with a cute Instagram post. Daily Mail quoted Millie talking about her relationship where she shared: “We met on Instagram. And we were friends for a while, and then what can I say?”

Back in June 2021, Brown introduced Bongiovi to her social media followers by posting a photo of him on Instagram. The couple later confirmed their relationship. In a January Instagram post, Brown referred to Bongiovi as her “partner for life” and shared multiple pictures of them together.

As a child actor, Brown gained immense popularity for her role in the Netflix series Stranger Things. The show’s upcoming fifth season is slated to be its last, but a prequel is set to be performed in London’s West End, and an animated TV series has also been announced by Netflix.

Meanwhile, Bongiovi has landed his second major acting gig in a new coming-of-age film called Rockbottom.

Who is Jake Bongiovi

Jake Bongiovi is the son of singer-songwriter Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley, born to the couple on May 7, 2002. He has three siblings: Stephanie, Jesse, and Romeo.

Bongiovi describes himself as a “game critic, actor, producer and just an overall cool guy” on his Instagram account, which has 1.3 million followers. He often posts photos and videos of himself and the actress on his profile.

The 20-year-old has yet to appear in any movies, but he has a couple of movies in post-production.

Bongiovi and Brown’s first red carpet appearance together came last year at the BAFTAs, though they had been appearing on each other’s Instagram accounts since 2021.

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