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Masked men allegedly gang-rape three women in Haryana

Masked men allegedly gang-rape three women in Haryana

A group of four masked men allegedly gang-raped three women in the presence of their family members, including children, early on Thursday in Haryana’s Panipat district, according to officials.

The police said that the accused men, armed with knives and other pistols, barged into the house where the three families reside around 1 am, sexually assaulted the women aged 24, 25, and 35 years, and decamped with cash and silver ornaments.

The police allege that the same gang, while escaping out of the village, robbed a man of Rs 5,000 and assaulted his wife, who later succumbed to injuries.

The initial probe suggests the accused men may be the same individuals who threatened families to leave their homes a month ago. The women claim that while they were asleep, the assailants kidnapped their husbands and children, tied them with ropes, and took turns raping them.

“The gang then locked up them in one of the rooms. Then, they pulled us (the women) into the verandah and took turns raping us. They threatened us not to raise a voice and kept torturing us till 4 am. They later left with cash and a silver ornament,” the police were told by one of the victims.

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Minor girl raped in moving Taxi in Mumbai

In another incident, according to police reports, someone allegedly kidnapped and raped a 14-year-old mentally-disabled minor girl from the slums of Malabar Hill in a moving taxi on a Monday afternoon. The harrowing incident unfolded following a disagreement between the girl and her family members, prompting her to hail a taxi from Malabar Hill with the intention of visiting her cousin in Malad’s Malvani.

Concerned about her absence, the girl’s family members approached the Malabar Hill police station and filed a kidnapping report, given her status as a minor. It was the Vakola police who eventually discovered the girl, reportedly dropped off by the perpetrator. Police found the girl wandering the streets on that fateful Monday afternoon. During their inquiries, they learned that the Malabar Hill police had been searching for the same individual.

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A team dispatched and brought her back about seven hours after she went missing. However, the situation took a grave turn when the girl recounted her journey to Malad,” explained a police officer. The girl bravely shared details about the taxi driver and another man present in the vehicle, shedding light on the horrifying incident.

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