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Live forest fire updates from India and around the globe

Our live forest fire updates offer a detailed look at wildfires happening in India and globally. We provide timely coverage, offering insights, updates, and essential information about this critical environmental issue.

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Live forest fire updates

Welcome to our live forest fire updates, where we bring you the latest developments from India and around the globe. Stay tuned as we provide real-time coverage of wildfires, offering insights, updates, and critical information on this pressing environmental issue. From local incidents to global trends, we'll keep you informed as events unfold. Join us as we track these fires and their impacts on our planet's ecosystems.

  • May 07, 2024 15:45 IST
    Forest Fires Prompt State of Emergency in Siberia

    A state of emergency was declared in the Bratsk district of Irkutsk Oblast, Siberia, Russia, on May 6, 2024, following a large forest fire, as reported by the Moscow Times. Governor Igor Kobzev declared the emergency, with one woman critically injured and local residents evacuated to Vikhorevka. Across nine regions, including Irkutsk, wildfires raged over the past 24 hours, with six regions affected on May 7.

    The affected areas include the Jewish Autonomous Region, Khabarovsk Territory, and more, with 65 fires extinguished across 15 regions on May 7 alone. The Russian Hydrometeorological Centre forecasts prolonged periods of "high" and "extreme" wildfire danger for most of Russia this year.

  • May 07, 2024 10:08 IST
    Uttarakhand Forest Fires Claim Five Lives

    Five fatalities have been reported in the devastating forest fires raging in Uttarakhand. Among the victims is 65-year-old Savitri Devi, who succumbed to burn injuries sustained while attempting to extinguish a fire that had encroached upon her farm in Thalpi village. Forest department officials have registered a case against four individuals for allegedly setting fire to the Gangolihat forest range in Pithoragarh district. Relief may be on the horizon as the Director of the Meteorological Center in Dehradun, Bikram Singh, forecasts rainfall from May 7 onwards, potentially helping to quell the flames. The wildfires, ongoing since November 2023, have already ravaged 1,145 hectares of forest cover in 910 reported incidents.

  • May 01, 2024 19:13 IST
    Anandvan Forest in Mohammadwadi Ravaged by fires, 2 culprits nabbed

    A tragic incident occurred at Anandvan, an urban forest, where a substantial number of trees were lost in fires spanning from April 27th to 29th. Recent fires, instigated by local miscreants, destroyed about 2 hectares of land, impacting plant and animal habitats. Two minors have been detained based on CCTV footage, with an ongoing investigation. Citizen activist Bhupesh Sharma emphasized the disturbance to the ecosystem and urged citizen involvement in forest preservation.

  • May 01, 2024 11:34 IST
    Forest Fire intensifies in Uttarakhand, 68 new incidents reported

    The forest fire in Uttarakhand escalated on Tuesday, with 68 new incidents reported in the last 24 hours, resulting in injuries to two fire watchers. Most incidents occurred in the Garhwal region, affecting 88.46 hectares of forest area. Since November 1 last year, 721 forest fire incidents have been recorded, destroying 902.5575 hectares.

  • Apr 29, 2024 19:02 IST
    Uttarakhand forest fire: Over 600 incidents reported

    To combat forest fires in Uttarakhand, authorities are deploying a range of measures from the ground to the sky. Indian Air Force helicopters are aiding in firefighting operations, along with the deployment of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). So far, 606 fire incidents have been reported, destroying 735.815 hectares of forest land. The most severe situation appears to be in the Kumaon region, particularly Nainital, with incidents also reported in Champawat, Almora, Pithoragarh, and Bageshwar.

  • Apr 29, 2024 11:13 IST
    Wildfire Forecast: U.S. below average, Canada above average

    AccuWeather's Wildfire Team forecasts the 2024 U.S. wildfire season to be below historical averages. It predicts fires to consume 4 to 6 million acres, compared to the usual 7 million acres. 

    Also, Fire activity in Canada is forecasted to mirror last year, with expectations for a near to above average season in terms of the number of fires. However, the acreage burned is anticipated to be well above average, though not as extreme as the record-breaking 2023 season. Concerns arise regarding periodic impacts on air quality due to potentially larger blazes. AccuWeather Meteorologist Brandon Buckingham warns that air quality may worsen at times during the summer, particularly affecting individuals outdoors, especially those with respiratory conditions.

  • Apr 28, 2024 17:22 IST
    Uttarakhand CM addresses forest fire, deploys army

    Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami convened a review meeting with Kumaon division officials to address the forest fire situation in Nainital, issuing directives to combat the blaze. The meeting, held in Haldwani after a major fire in the Ladiyakata area of the Nainital Air Force center, emphasized the need for a strong response. Dhami also conducted an aerial survey of affected areas. Army support was enlisted, and strict actions were promised against those responsible. Indian defence forces, including helicopters, were deployed to assist firefighting efforts.

  • Apr 28, 2024 17:00 IST
    Uttarakhand sees increase in forest fire incidents

    The forest department in Uttarakhand has observed a concerning rise in forest fires, recording 26 incidents in the Kumaon region and five in the Garhwal region within just 24 hours. These fires have destroyed nearly 33.34 hectares of forested areas. Since November 1 of last year, Uttarakhand has reported 575 forest fire incidents, impacting 689.89 hectares of forest area.