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JEE and NEET are not the END

JEE and NEET is not the END; Students, who are struggling with competitive entrance exams, who are dropping year after year

By Khazran Khan
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JEE and NEET is not the END!

Ground Report | New Delhi: JEE and NEET are not the END; Students, who are struggling with competitive entrance exams, who are dropping year after year to qualify it, who are desperately waiting for their results to be out, who are preparing themselves mentally and academically to give JEE and NEET. This tagline is for you: “ JEE and NEET is not the END. ” For sure, your parents will be forcing you, your teachers will be pressurising you, your friends will be competing against you, your siblings will be compared with you and you might be feeling aloof. But neither get disheartened nor get overexcited.

This is just an exam. Our India has coined the term JEE and NEET as the end of high-level exams. But no, that isn’t the case. The more you let these exams suck your energy, the more you will get depressed. You think of IITs and NITs, you think of AIIMS and GMC’s but why don’t you think of other government or private universities. All through these years, many private universities of India have proved beneficial than a few of those institutions. Your communication skills, high placements, extracurricular activities, personality development – have been influenced effectively by these reputed or local institutions.

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No doubt one cannot deny the positive environment provided by colleges under NTA, but on the other hand, the academic pressure being exerted on those students is a major and serious concern for the educational system. The rising number of suicides and the rate at which students are undergoing depression and many psychological problems have increased rapidly throughout India. If we recall the wise words of many great achievers, they never focused on the syllabus or mugging up topics.

Their first priority has always been learning and acquiring knowledge. Let’s me quote it when someone tweeted Elon musk: “ You can’t succeed in life without a degree. That’s why you need schooling if you want to go to Harvard. ” and the wise Elon Musk replied: “ That’s not true. Don’t confuse schooling with education. I didn’t go to Harvard, but the people that work for me did. ” He clearly brought to light that schooling is not important. But learning is!

So why is the coming generations of India so confused and depressed over just not qualifying for these exams? The level of exams being so high, the cut-off nearly touching skies, and the number of participants increasing annually for these exams is taking a toll on student lives. If you weren’t able to qualify JEE or NEET, it is absolutely okay. You should not let this disappointment go down to your head and act recklessly because of those percentiles. Your life matters more than marks! Remember, if you’re able to get some private or other government colleges, not under NTA, it's okay to study there. Unless and until you don’t focus on education, you’ll end up being a book worm, cramming and digesting those words.

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It may later enable you to achieve high marks and be a topper, but it won’t really help you in the long run. If your scores are average, don’t push yourself to the height where you’ll end up jumping off the climb. Regardless to mention how Kota Factory has conceptualized this JEE and NEET, but dear aspirants don’t allow others to make your life a platform for their business and TRP’s. You are more precious than you think. India needs you! You are the future, so focus on what you like rather than jumping on the bandwagon as others.

NEET results will be out soon. Nearly 16.14 lakhs aspirants will be crossing their fingers and waiting eagerly for it. Some may be delighted while some may be devastated. But kudos to those who did it with hard work and perseverance. And to those who couldn’t make it up to their goals: “ You give your best. That’s all that matters.” It is not stubbornness if one drops a year to crack these entrance exams, so people need not judge them. It's their life and their career. Let’s not prick our nose in their matters. And there might be some who will feel like“ Failures”, but one has to bear in mind that Failure should be an option. It has to be an option.

It’s because of these failures that you’ll enjoy your success. Just work hard and try to educate yourself. But don’t stress and pressure your noble self after facing a knockout. Late APJ Abdul Kalam Azad once said: “ Don’t fear for facing failure in the first attempt, because even the successful maths starts with ‘zero’ only.” Keep striving is okay but losing everything just for those exams isn’t!

Many aspirants may be deeply inspired by famous personalities like Sundar Pichai, Narayana Murthy ..but nevertheless to mention there exists people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Kalpana Chawla, APJ Abdul Kalam Azad also. It depends on your mindset how you perceive these entrance examinations. The least I can suggest is: For parents: “ Please don’t look down on your children.

They are witnessing so many changes around them. These exams might appear easy, but they actually aren’t. If your child is working hard and standing tough before the toughest, try to appreciate their nerves rather than labelling them as FAILURE. ” For teachers: “It's okay if your taught couldn’t qualify the exams. Encourage them to do better. Don’t exaggerate their stress to the level, where they will start developing a hatred for the course. ”

For aspirants: “It's okay if you can’t add Dr. Or Er. Before your name. But it’s never okay to give up just because of one failure. You have a long way to go. If you’re passionate about your goals, go and work hard to achieve them. If you were doing it unwillingly, then do that what you love to do. And don’t compare yourself with others. You are best the way you’re.” The famous saying of Bill Gates goes like that: “Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself. ”

Here is a wishing each and every student very good luck for their future life ahead!

The author is an engineering student and she can be reached at ([email protected])

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