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Jammu: Two drones dropped two kg bombs from a height of 100 meters

Jammu: Two drones dropped; A preliminary investigation into the two blasts at Jammu Air Force Station on Sunday has found that 2-2 kg

By Ground report
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Jammu: Two drones dropped

Ground Report | New Delhi: Jammu: Two drones dropped; A preliminary investigation into the two blasts at Jammu Air Force Station on Sunday has found that 2-2 kg of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were dropped from the air.

The English newspaper The Indian Express writes in its report quoting sources that 'two drones were used in this terrorist attack in which 'high grade' explosive material was used.'

A source close to the security establishment told the newspaper, "At a gap of six minutes, the security personnel heard two explosions. No remains of the drone were found at the site, which makes it appear that they were back there after dropping the explosive material." Gone where you came from."

One team each from the National Security Agency (NIA) and the National Security Guard (NSG)'s Bomb Data Center is investigating the Indian Air Force Base. At the same time, the Jammu Police has registered a case under the sections of terrorism.

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The source told the newspaper, "Preliminary investigations suggest that this explosive material was dropped from a height of 100 meters. It happened soon after or shortly thereafter. Each drone carries more than 2 kg of explosive material." It must have been. The explosive material was of high grade or was made of RDX, but it can be clearly said only after thorough investigation.

Sources say that where the drone is made is also going to be a matter of investigation.

A police officer in Jammu and Kashmir says, "It is suspected that this drone came from Pakistan as such drone weapons have been dropped in Jammu in the past. The base distance (14 km) from the border is flying across the Line of Control. It is within the purview of drones. However, even doing this work at the local level cannot be ruled out, so it is necessary to investigate every aspect."

However, it is also not clear yet what was the target of the air force station, this blast was done. (Jammu: Two drones dropped)

A police officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the newspaper: "It could also be that the attackers wanted to show that our key security infrastructure could be easily targeted. Or it could be that they were their own targets." You may have missed the installation."

At the same time, another official said that due to the heavy explosives and the height of 100 to 150 meters, the target may not be accurate but it needs a detailed investigation.

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The newspaper writes that 'this attack can be called the first drone attack in India, which the security establishment is taking very seriously.'

An official of the security establishment said, "If large material can be dropped, it can cause huge loss of life and property. This type of attack can also be difficult to prevent as it can be easily carried out and This does not include extremists from across the border. We don't have very strong technology to capture and destroy drones. They are also very difficult to see."

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