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Is UAE behind ‘peace roadmap’ between India and Pakistan?

There have been talks between officials of both countries with the cooperation of third country between India and Pakistan in efforts to reduce tensions in recent times.

However, the Foreign Ministry of India has refused to comment on this.

Thd Bloomberg report as saying that the two countries have worked on preparing a roadmap through the mediation of the United Arab Emirates to establish peace.

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The United Arab Emirates and Pakistan have also not officially commented on it.

According to this report, on 25 February, the DGMO of India and Pakistan issued a joint statement announcing the ceasefire in the outcome of the negotiations in the UAE mediation.

According to the report, the Foreign Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zaid, during the visit to Delhi on 26 February, Indian Foreign Minister S.K. In a meeting with Jaishankar, efforts to establish peace between India and Pakistan were also discussed.

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Earlier, two top newspapers and a website in India have told in their reports that a ‘back-channel’ talk has taken place between the National Security Advisor of India and Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa.

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The newspaper has quoted the unnamed official as saying that the ceasefire declaration is the first step in this direction and that further announcements may be made.

According to the official, in the next step, India and Pakistan can send their diplomats again to Delhi and Islamabad. After this, there is a discussion on starting the business between the two countries and then the future of Kashmir.

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Over the years, India and Pakistan have routinely made peace overtures only to have them quickly fall through, particularly as both sides frequently use the issue to stir up emotions around election time. Officials said expectations were low that the current detente would achieve much beyond the return of envoys and a resumption of trade through their Punjab land border.

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