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Indian Army is making these arrangements to face China in Ladakh

Indian Army Ladakh; The Indian Army is strengthening its security system as well as making new security arrangements

By Ground report
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What happened in Tawang has increased risk of India-China war?

The Indian Army is strengthening its security system as well as making new security arrangements to face Chinese aggression in eastern Ladakh.

The Indian Army has made arrangements for the accommodation of 22 thousand of soldiers along with making underground bases for the storage of weapons in this area.

Along with this, the army is strengthening the bridges so that heavy military vehicles can pass through them if the opportunity arises. The Indian Army is also making such permanent arrangements to counter the direct attacks of Chinese tanks.

These arrangements prepared with the help of private companies can be deployed on the fronts within a few days. These also include 3D printed structures which will weigh about forty kilograms and two soldiers can carry these structures to high places.

The newspaper has come to know from sources that these things have been made by companies based in Gandhinagar, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Along with this, the Army Corps of Engineers has also worked on making these defences.

The source has said, “The startup formed in IIT Gandhinagar and we have done a lot of work on 3D printed defense. These are such defenses that can withstand a direct attack from a T90 tank even from a distance of 100 meters. At present, trials are going on at the northern border and we will start installing them by next year.

Let us tell you that the sources have given similar information to the news agency PTI as well.

The source has told that 'after Galvan, arrangements have been made for the stay of 22 thousand soldiers in two years. These are the latest modular systems in which the temperature can be controlled and can be moved from one place to another if needed.

Along with this, work is being done to reduce the time taken to travel from one place to another in Ladakh. The Army Corps of Engineers is currently building a new runway at Nyoma along with improving the airfields.

Sources have told that after the construction of new roads, the time taken to reach the strategically important Daulat Beg Oldi airfield from Leh has reduced from two to six hours.

Along with this, work is going on on road projects and tunnels to better connect Ladakh with the rest of India.

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