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India ready for two-front war with China, Pakistan? what Amit Shah said

Home Minister Amit Shah said his is not a 1962 situation. We tried to improve the relationship with Pakistan, but also with China.

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India China tension

Home Minister Amit Shah said that we tried to improve the relationship, whenever we felt that there were attempts to encroach on our borders, We have responded with an eye to eye. This is not a 1962 situation. We tried to improve the relationship with Pakistan, but also with China.

Amit Shah said that There can be no harm in trying to improve a relationship with any person. Spoiled relationships should improve with neighbours. But our interest should not be sacrificed in the urge to improve.

He further said, "We even tried to improve our relationship with Pakistan, as we did with China. But when they behave differently, our stand also changed," adding "we are determined to protect the borders of the country and the same has been demonstrated by the Modi government."

On the question of a two-front war he said "I do not believe such a situation will come. Discussions are still going on at the diplomatic level and talks are also being held between the army officers. Should hope, the path will come out, a good path will come out. But I can say this much that no one will be able to encroach on the land of one inch of India. This is a firm decision of the Government of India".

He added "the solution can now come only through talks. Negotiations are going on We should hope that the talks get resolved".

When asked about location in Leh are showing Leh and Jammu and Kashmir part of China,

Amit Shah said "It is not from today. This has been going on since 1962, at the time of independence. We are fighting against this. Our right to fight is in the conversation, it is against this" In an interview with Zee network.

Twitter India on the timeline showed Jammu and Kashmir as part of the People’s Republic of China, causing a huge controversy. The matter was raised by Kanchan Gupta, a Fellow of the Observer Research Foundation. He found that in tweets Jammu and Kashmir is being described as part of China.