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India-China border tensions escalate as 50,000 Chinese troops are spotted near Ladakh

Tensions between India and China Ladakh do not seem to be reducing 50000, China has been increasing the number of PlA soldiers

By groundreportdesk
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India China tension

Tensions between India and China in eastern Ladakh do not seem to be reducing. China has been increasing the number of PlA soldiers day by day. If sources are to be believed, the number of Chinese soldiers on the border has reached close to 50 thousand.

According to reports, tanks have also been deployed along with the Chinese troops especially in the Depsang area, while there are already a large number of Chinese soldiers here.

According to media reports, there are about 25 additional tanks and an equal number of infantry combat vehicles and 300-400 soldiers in the Depsang sector. While this area already has 3000 Chinese PLA troops and about 40-50 tanks.

Even cannons, including surface-to-air missiles, automatic guns, rocket launcher systems and air defense systems have also been deployed in this area. The missile consists of medium-range HQ-16 and slightly longer range HQ-9 missiles.

Explain that the area of ​​Depsang is such a place where tanks and armored trains can be used. However, there is no change in the northern part of Pangong Lake. But there are also sufficient numbers already deploying about 5000 Chinese soldiers. Some cannons have also been deployed.

Indo-China conflict

There has been constant tension between India and China along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh for the last three years.

The armies of the two countries came face to face in the Doklam region in the summer of 2017, when China tried to build a road there, on which India objected.

Three years later, on 15–16 June this year, there was a violent clash between the armies of the two countries over LAC in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh in which 20 soldiers, including a colonel of the Indian Army, were killed.

India claims that Chinese soldiers have also been damaged but China has not said anything about it.

After this, there was news of a skirmish between the two countries on the night of 29-30 August and the Indian Army said that "Indian soldiers have stopped the provocation of Chinese troops in Pangong Tso Lake".