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In Kashmir Not only boys, girls also consume alcohol

In Kashmir Not only boys; Of course, every year on 26 June, the International Day of Drug Abuse is being celebrated all over the world, but

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In Kashmir Not only boys, girls also consume alcohol

Ground report | New Delhi: In Kashmir Not only boys; Of course, every year on 26 June, the International Day of Drug Abuse is being celebrated all over the world, but every year only a formality is performed. Resolutions are taken, claims are made. Policies are made at the international level. But nothing happens on the ground. The day is celebrated to stop the consumption of drugs. Addiction is a slow poison.

Top health officials of the Valley painted a grim picture of Kashmir says that not only boys but also girls have become victims of drug abuse and consumption of opium, brown sugar and alcohol. Reaching new heights. In area.

Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, Dr Mushtaq Ahmed Rather, Director, Health Services Kashmir, said the data available with the health department is just "the tip of the iceberg" as the situation is quite alarming. “Let us tell you that in Kashmir, not only boys but girls are also consuming drugs like opium, brown sugar, and alcohol.

Many youths also mix drugs with liquids and alcohol,” he said. However, the Director of Health said substance abuse is not a fatal 'disease' and addictions can be avoided if it is detected in time.

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“The time has come for parents and local area committees to move forward by identifying drug addicts in their respective areas. Once an addict is identified, he/she needs to be treated with love and affection," said Dr. Mushtaq, "Once the patient is admitted to the de-addiction centre, a complete treatment, according to him process takes place. Drug policy formulated in 2019. "

He said that the first role of de-addiction lies with the law enforcement agencies, especially the police, who need to break the supply chain. “Then the Department of Health and the Department of Health and Medical Education plays its part in providing various treatments like oral replacement therapy and other treatments to treat the patient. There are success stories of many young people who took the drug after treatment by doctors.

Dr. Mushtaq said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had identified 120 districts across the country to be "drug-free", but only 20 districts are following this policy, including eight districts in Jammu and Kashmir. “We are the second union territory, after Punjab, to have a full-fledged drug policy in 2019.”

He said that anti-drug treatment facilities are available in eight districts of Jammu and Kashmir. According to KNO, Director Health Services Kashmir said, "In addition, treatment for drug addicts is also available in all districts, sub district hospitals, health centers and primary health centres."

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When asked about the primary reasons for the increasing number of drug abuse in Kashmir, he said that rift/fights between parents in the home, bad company of friends, anxiety and depression are the main reasons that Kashmiri youth, including girls, are taking drugs. lead to misuse. “Psychologists also have a role who are available in various government hospitals across Kashmir.

When the patient is undergoing treatment, then comes the rehabilitation part, which is the responsibility of the social welfare department. Before the situation gets out of hand, top health officials and various sections of the society must come together to defeat drug abuse. “At present every household is involved in drug abuse. It is a 'Ghar, Ghar Ki Kahani' (the story of every house in Kashmir). The figures have increased exponentially since 2018," he said-

The country's Home Minister Amit Shah tweeted on the occasion of International Anti-Drug Day and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government adopts a zero tolerance policy against all types of drugs. I appreciate the efforts made by our Narcotics Bureau personnel towards eliminating the drug menace in India.

Apart from the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the country's largest state, has tweeted that intoxication is the root of destruction. It harms both health and social standing. Come, on the occasion of International Anti-Drug Day, let us all resolve to make Uttar Pradesh a drug free state by making the society aware of the ill effects of drugs.

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