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In India, people are still trapped in house of slavery

In India, people

Ground Report | New Delhi: In India, people; India has the largest number of modern slaves with a population of 8 million. After this, China comes second in this matter with 38.6 lakhs. 31.9 lakh people in Pakistan, 26.4 lakh in North Korea, and 13.9 lakh people in Nigeria are still slaves. People are being made to do all kinds of work for a profit. 

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In India, people trapped in house of slavery

They are being pushed into the world of prostitution, bonded labour, and crimes. Somewhere they are being begged, and somewhere they are being exploited in homes. They are also being made a means of profit in forced marriage and organ trade. At least 403 million people in the world are living like slaves. Out of this, work is being done on farms, factories, and fishing boats from two crores. 1.54 crores are forced into marriages while 50 lakhs people are forced into prostitution.

The United Nations says that human trafficking is replacing the rapidly growing crime industry. The United Nations has set a target to end bonded labour and forced marriage by 2030. But this work is very challenging. Where and how many people are being used as slaves, there is no reliable data on this. But some figures and facts can definitely tell how serious the problem is. To draw attention to this, the European Union celebrates Anti-Human Trafficking Day on 18 October.

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Every 185 people is a slave

Seven out of ten people in modern slaves are women and girls, while a quarter of these are children. Globally, one out of every 185 people is a slave. North Korea has the largest number of modern slaves by population. In North Korea, 10 percent of the population is kept as slaves. This is followed by Eritrea with 9.3 percent, Burundi with four percent, the Central African Republic at 2.2 percent, and Afghanistan with 2.2 percent living as slaves.

As of early 2019, human trafficking has not been declared a crime in 47 countries. Bonded labour was not a crime in 96 countries, while there was no law preventing forced marriage in 133 countries. It is estimated that at least $150 billion in profits are being made every year from human trafficking. Modern slaves exist not only in developing countries but also in developed countries. In Britain 1.36 lakh people and in America four lakh people are being taken as slaves. 

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