IIT drop class 12 score criterion, says Pokhriyal

As a relaxation to the aspirants, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has decided to drop the criterion of class 12 score from its admission process. This year, the candidates who have passed class 12 board exams along with JEE Mains and Advanced will be eligible for admission. The decision was announced by Human Resources and Development Minister Ramesh ‘Nishank’ Pokhriyal on Friday.

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He said that the decision was taken in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent cancellation of the board exams. He tweeted that due to “partial cancellation” of Class 12 exams by several boards, the Joint Admission Board (JAB) has taken the decision.

JAB is the main decision making body of IIT, which has directors of IITs and representatives of the HRD ministry. It will hold a meeting next week to decide on the format of the entrance exam, as an exception for this year.

The JEE Mains exams will be held between September 1-6. The candidates are required to score a rank up to 2,50,000 to appear for Advanced exam. The Advanced exam will be held on September 27.

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Usually, a general candidate has to either score at least 75 percent or should be in top 20 percentile of the board exams. For a candidate of SC/ST category the score should be at least 65 percent or top 20 percentile. For this year, only passing the board exams will be sufficient for the candidates.

In the JAB meeting next week, the feasibility of entrance exam for international students will also be discussed. IIT has entrance centres in Dhaka, Dubai, Kathmandu, Singapore, and the US for international students.

Written By Rashi, She is doing her Masters in Convergent Journalism from Jamia AJK MCRC, New Delhi.

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