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How education of MBBS in Hindi is nothing but a joke?

How education of MBBS in Hindi is nothing but a joke?

Union Home Minister Amit Shah launched India’s first MBBS course in Hindi as part of a state government initiative to promote higher studies in the language, making it possible – in the near future – for nearly half the country to become doctors by learning in their mother tongue.

Delhi Medical Council President Dr. Arun Kumar Gupta told The Indian Express that the terminology of MBBS is entirely based on English and most of the books in modern medicine are written and published in the West. Although the medium of instruction can be changed to Hindi or bilingual, no change should be made in the terminology of the curriculum. In addition, all reputed research papers and journals are published in English, he noted.

Stating that it would be ‘harmful’ to teach MBBS entirely in Hindi, Dr. Aloy Mukherjee of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals told the publication that medical education in any regional language has long been a disadvantage as graduates need their services wherever they are. Yes, you have to work there.

“This is only going to drag us down. Hindi as a medium of language can be added as an adjunct but keeping the entire syllabus entirely in Hindi is going to be harmful. MBBS is not a basic degree course because A student has to apply everything in situations that require life risk. Doctors cannot be hired to serve only in a particular field and would like to explore other opportunities. Graduates also outside India Will not be eligible to go and pursue higher education, fellowship or research,” Mukherjee said.

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Another doctor said that teaching courses in Hindi is not feasible in contemporary times as there are no medical books in the language, and suggested that the Uttarakhand government should focus on making AYUSH, which is already in Hindi language, modern medicine. resonates more with And also increase the R&D budget.

A translation in Hindi that is not good enough can be easily supplemented by reading additional reference material in English. And if something is not easily understood in English, the translated version will be helpful.

The decision to introduce MBBS in regional languages ​​has been criticized by various medical associations. It has been claimed by them that the quality of medical education can degrade and seriously affect the students.

“Medical education must be at par with international guidelines and bodies,” said Dr Rohan Krishnan, president of the FAIMA Doctors’ Association. Dr Furqan Ahmed, former Joint Secretary, Resident Doctors’ Association, RML, took to Twitter and linked the launch of MBBS in Hindi with ‘Hyper Nationalism’.

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