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What’s CoinDCX, How and Where to Buy

What's CoinDCX, How and Where to Buy

Ground Report | New Delhi: How and Where to Buy CoinDCX; Cryptocurrencies are booming in India. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges, including Zebpay, WazirX, CoinSwitch. Cryptocurrency, also called virtual currency or cryptocurrency, is digital money. That means there are no physical coins or bills – everything is online. You can transfer a cryptocurrency to someone on the internet without an intermediary, such as a bank. The best-known cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ether, but new crypto-currencies continue to be created.

CoinDCX is India’s largest and most secure cryptocurrency exchange that launched on April 7, 2018, and is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Sumit Gupta is currently Co-Founder and CEO of CoinDCX. Here you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Altcoins using your Indian rupees.

CoinDCX is India’s first cryptocurrency exchange to achieve unicorn status amid regulatory uncertainty over crypto assets. They have raised $ 90 million in a Series C funding round with a valuation of $ 1.1 billion.

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App Features:

  • Interactive user interface for new cryptocurrency investors
  • Simple bitcoin app to buy cryptocurrencies in India
  • Easy and secure deposit and withdrawal of INR funds with zero fee
  • Quick cryptocurrency calculator to convert cryptocurrencies like BTC to INR and vice versa
  • ‘Price alerts’ feature to track cryptocurrency charts and live rates
  • Insured and secured with BitGo
  • Invest in cryptocurrencies with a minimum of $ 100
  • Smooth KYC process for investments over ₹ 10,000
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How and Where to Buy CoinDCX

  • CoinDCX offers a new registration feature from its official website and mobile applications (CoinDCX and CoinDCX Go).
  • To register you need to enter your full name, email ID, phone number, and other basic details.
  • To successfully register, verify the KYC details using your PAN card and your Aadhaar card.
  • Add bank account to deposit and withdraw funds to your account.
  • Provides UPI, bank transfers, and wallet transfers to fund the wallet.

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