‘House of The Dragon’ at Disney+ Hotstar from 22nd Aug

HBO’s ambitious and massive show ‘House of the Dragon’ is set to premiere in India on 22nd August, on Disney+ Hotstar.

If you’re already not aware, the show is the prequel to the revolutionary HBO show ‘Game of Thrones’, which was based on George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire high fantasy book series.


The show is set a couple of hundred years before Game of Thrones when House Targaryen ruled the might seven kingdoms in Westeros. Much before the prominence of House Lannister or Baratheons, or House Stark to name a few. Much before, Dragons were a myth.

For the bookworms and Game of Thrones geeks, the show is based on Geroge R R Martin’s ‘Fire and Blood’. As the name suggests, the book traces a history of the Targaryen Kings from Aegon the Conqueror to Aegon III as scribed by Archmaester Gyldayn. Although, the series writers are not known to be loyal to the original text, but still for more nuances people can read the book.

Fun Fact: 

The sixth book in the high fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire is yet to be published and is being delayed since 2017.

Does ‘House of the Dragon’ live up to GoT hype?

After the special screening, the series gained some hype. The critics have praised the first episode, with some exceptions.

CNET wrote, “It’ll Let You Love ‘GoT’ Again”. Variety magazine writes, ‘House of the Dragon’ Sacrifices Subtlety in a Splashily Violent Spectacle’. Although, writers at New York Times were not impressed by the show, [the show] ‘has the swords and the dragon flame, the Hand and the Iron Throne. But something’s missing.’

In India, the popular critics have liked the episode. The Hindu wrote, ‘Bewitching eye candy promises more’. The show will test the waters on 22nd August, with each episode released weekly.

The show lands on HBO MAX, Tonight. HBO still doesn’t have its own OTT in India i.e. HBO MAX. So, the audience would have to catch House of Dragons on Disney+ Hostar.

Amazon Prime’s Lord of the Rings is also close to its premiere. The show will stream in the first week of September, fans might want to watch that as well. Two of the most loved high fantasy book franchise are set to clash on the OTT.

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