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Hathras gang-rape: Victim cremated at 2:30 am

After the death of the Hathras gang-rape victim at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, the police arrived at Bulgadi village in Hathras district

By Ground report
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हाथरस गैंगरेप मामला कब क्या हुआ

After the death of the Hathras gang-rape victim at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, the police arrived at Bulgadi village in Hathras district late on Tuesday night. The villagers were not ready for the funeral when the victim's body reached the village, but the police gave the last rites of the gang-rape victim in the absence of family members despite heavy protests.

In view of the huge outrage from the villagers, a large police force was deployed in the area. It is being told that the dead body of the gangrape victim reached Hathras around 12:45 pm. When the ambulance was being taken for the funeral, people stopped it and lied in front of the ambulance and expressed anger.

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During this time, SDM was accused of misbehaving with family members. After this, there was a clash between the police and the villagers. Actually, the family did not want to cremate the body at night, while the police wanted to cremate it immediately. At around 2:30 pm, the victim was cremated without any custom and in the absence of family members.

The gang rape victim's uncle said that the police was pressurizing him to perform the last rites of the dead body. He added that when I asked not to perform the last rites at night, the police said that if you do not, we will do it ourselves.

The UP Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party have termed this act of Uttar Pradesh Police as cowardice. Congress has written on its Twitter account - this is the extent of cruelty. At the time when the government should be sensitive, the government broke all limits of cruelty. The Aam Aadmi Party has also put the video of the last ceremony on its Facebook page.

However the family members claimed that they were barricaded inside their houses by the police and not allowed to grieve their daughter. But the police said that they cremated the victim as per the family's wishes.

We wanted the last rites to be performed according to the Hindu traditions. Despite our protests, the cremation was performed. They took the body forcefully. We couldn’t see our daughter’s face for the last time,” the woman’s father said NDTV reported.

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Tagging Adityanath in a tweet, she added, "RESIGN. Instead of protecting the victim and her family, your government became complicit in depriving her of every single human right, even in death. You have no moral right to continue as chief minister."

Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati said her party strongly condemns the “wrong attitude” of the police.

"The cremation of Hathras gangrape victim by the Uttar Pradesh Police without handing over the body to the family or without their consent and in their absence in the dead of night is raising doubts and resentment,” she said, asking for the Supreme Court to take cognisance of the case.

“We have videos of family members present there. I will be happy to share with media. We performed the cremation after the family’s consent. Some members of the family were present at the cremation. The media reports are not true,” District Magistrate Praveen Kumar Laxkar said.

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