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Has Russia developed a vaccine for Coronavirus?

Russia Vaccine: Sputnik News reported that Russia has successfully completed the human trail of its vaccine for novel coronavirus.

By Rashi
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On Sunday evening, Russian news agency Sputnik News reported that Russia has successfully completed the human trail of its vaccine for novel coronavirus. Vadim Tarasov, Director of Institute of Translational Medicine and Biotechnology, Sechenov University told Sputnik News that the vaccine was developed by Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology Research Centre at Moscow.

The first group of volunteers with 18 people will be discharged on 15 July and the second group with 20 people will be discharged on 20 July. Russian Health Ministry had sanctioned the trial of the vaccine on 16 June.

How were the trials conducted?

  • The volunteers chosen for trials are males and females between the age group 18-65.
  • The first batch of 18 volunteers was injected with the vaccine on June 18, and the second batch was injected on June 23.
  • The volunteers were kept in total isolation for 28 days to protect from other infections. After the discharge they will be monitored for six more months.
  • After the injection of vaccine, some participants complained of headache and increased body temperature, but the university claims that the symptoms got resolved within 24 hours.
  • The same vaccine is being used by Burdenko Military hospital as well. However, the University is using the powdered form of the vaccine which is used for preparing a solution for intramuscular injection, and the Military hospital is using the liquid form.
  • The tests are being conducted at the Practical Research Centre for Interventional Cardiovasology, Sechenov University. Same was reported by Russian news agency TASS as well.

Though, World Health Organization (WHO) has put Russia’s vaccine in phase 1 of clinical trials. There are currently 19 vaccines worldwide, which are in human trial stage. Oxford University’s Astrazeneca and China National Pharmaceutical Group’s Sinopharm are the first competitors for the vaccine of novel coronavirus.

Last week, India’s vaccines Covaxin and ZyCov-D were also passed for clinical trials.

As per WHO, it takes months for quality test of a vaccine and it requires thousands of volunteers. Russia’s vaccine still has to get license before being available in market for the cure of the disease which has got the world on a standstill.

Coronavirus positive cases across the world are 12.6 million with 572,004 deaths so far.

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