Gilgit-Baltistan people demands reunion with India

Amid the ongoing economic crisis, protest demonstrations in Gilgit Baltistan have intensified as people could be seen demanding the reopening of Kargil Road and reunion with their fellow Baltis in the Kargil district of the territory of the union of Ladakh in India.

In a video that has gone viral on various social media platforms, the people of Gilgit Baltistan demanded the reopening of Kargil Road and reunion with their fellow Baltis in the Kargil district.

In one such video, protesters can be seen raising slogans against the Pakistani government and army, and demanding that their region be annexed to Kargil, which is in India’s Ladakh region, Islam Khabar reported.

It is worth mentioning that India has not officially responded to the events, but is likely to mention these protests against Islamabad when the Kashmir dispute is discussed at global events.

Gilgit Baltistan, people have taken up arms against the local administration and the federal government over open land grabbing by the army.

In December, a small town, Manawar, witnessed a furious public protest over the arrest of young people for protesting against the army. The army has been quick to crack down on the protesters, accusing them of being terrorists.

Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) activist Amjad Ayub Mirza said in a video message said “people are out on streets because there is no food, there is no flour, and in PoJK, in one day, they have increased the price of wheat by Rs 1,200. People are fed-up. The government depots for flour are locked. There is no flour there. People in almost every city of PoK are protesting, even students, lawyers, civil society and women are protesting.”


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