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Who opened fire on former Pak PM Imran Khan?

Who tried to assasinate Imran khan

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was attacked during a rally in Allahwala Chowk Wazirabad. A man from the crowd opened fire on Imran Khan after which the former PM got injured. Imran Khan has been shot in the leg.

Important points of Imran Khan’s assassination attempt

  • TWO gunmen opened fire on Imran Khan at a rally.
  • The first gunman was shot on spot by an unknown
  • the second got arrested and shifted to an unknown location by police
  • Khan’s aide, Asad Uma, said: “A man opened fire with an automatic weapon.
  • Khan’s supporters also injured in the attack.
  • “Imran Khan and Faisal Javed received bullet wounds.
  • Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif condemned the shooting and ordered an investigation.

Video of firing on Imran khan

Video of Imran Khan’s Rally when firing happened is now viral on social media.

The man who fired the shots has not yet been identified but his face can be clearly seen in the video of the rally.

According to the news agency AFP, the person who shot him has been killed.

Who is behind Imran Khan’s Assassination attempt?

According to unconfirmed reports, the plot to assassinate #ImranKhan was made 10 days earlier. The two persons including one namely ‘Faisal Butt’ who fired were taken into custody and transferred to an unknown location.

It was seen in the CCTV footage that Imran Khan was shot in the right leg. The police shifted him to a bulletproof container after being shot.

Guy who saved Imran Khan

There was one guy behind the assassin in an orange-white shirt who seem like trying to snatch the gun from the man who fired on former PM Imran Khan.

Doctors say that Imran Khan has received bullet injuries, but is doing alright, reports local media.

“He is in a stable condition,” Raoof Hasan, a senior Khan aide told AFP, adding: “This was an attempt to kill him, to assassinate him.”

Faizal Javed Khan, who was accompanying Imran Khan in the long march, has also been injured.

Earlier, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was also disqualified during a rally in 2007.

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