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Flipkart Sale 2020: Top 5 Mistakes to avoid during Flipkart Upcoming Sale

Flipkart Sale 2020: Exciting online sales on Flipkart are gaining momentum after a ‘locked-down’ year for all the shoppers.

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Flipkart Sale 2020: Exciting online sales on Flipkart are gaining momentum after a ‘locked-down’ year for all the shoppers. With Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale around the corner, in mid-October from 17th-22nd, the e-commerce giant has stacked incredible deals on popular brands and categories. But, people tend to make mistakes and end up with a hole in their pockets. Strategic shopping can help you avoid these mistakes and have a smooth experience. While you start adding products to your Wishlist, navigate through some popular deals websites and scroll through the given Flipkart coupons which can be used on your purchases.

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Here is a curated list of top five mistakes to avoid on upcoming Flipkart Sale 2020

1. Overlooking the needs-

E-commerce platforms are designed in a way that attracts our attention to even the most irrelevant products. Which is why it is important to decipher what products you need. How often do you divert from what you need? Such humongous discounts and deals are certainly overwhelming but, there is no point in investing in a product which is not going to add any value. Remember, investing even a single rupee in something you are never going to use is a loss. So, you should always have a list of things you need and then start your online shopping. For your convenience, categorize the things you are going to shop so that it becomes easy to navigate to your essential requirements. Now, scroll through the discounts which are applied to the categories and products of your choice. Following this, you will not only save your money but also save a lot of time. So, start with your list now!

2. Overlooking the exclusive EMI discounts-

The point is, if you are possessing multiple credit cards, chances are that you fetch better discounts, only if you utilize them smartly. Why so? Flipkart furnishes dedicated discounts and cashback on EMI purchases for different bank cardholders like a 10% discount on SBI, HDFC, and Axis bank debit, and credit cards plus extra cashback, etc. By making purchases using Credit Cards, you can get credit points on every purchase. However, it is recorded that not a lot of shoppers are familiar with this concept.

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You can get an exclusive discount and interest-free EMIs when you own a credit card from the issuers listed in the shopping portal. Instead of using cash on delivery, use prepaid options like debit card and credit card options. This will fetch you extra cashback. On every purchase, some credit points are added to your bank account which can later be used to shop more or you can even redeem those points anytime you want.

Interestingly, Flipkart has a new official rewards program that gives you free redeemable coins on every order. Shopping for just 100 rupees will yield you two super coins. You can use these coins for your next order. This is effective from the Big Billion Sale which is starting in mid of October. So, never overlook the card offers. You might just lose a major deal.

3. Waiting until the last moment

This is by far the most common and biggest mistake people make while shopping. It is wrongly believed that waiting until the last day will render more discounts since the stocks will almost be over. That’s not how online sales work. On the contrary, you might just lose your required products or favorites as, by the end of the sale, all stocks are gone. It was also noticed that Flipkart usually decreases its discounts towards the end of the sale. So, say no to waiting until the last day and grab your things immediately after the sale is unleashed. And especially when it is about the biggest Flipkart Upcoming sale 2020, Flipkart Big Billion Sale, almost all the products sell like hot cakes in no time. Waiting until the last minute won’t serve you any good.

4. Purchasing without comparing discounts

Flipkart delivers products from more than 200 brands and a lot of times there are two identical products from different brands and different discounts. As most of the people prefer using a mobile website or application to browse through the sale, they fail to compare products and end up paying more. Of course, it is difficult to compare the product with other brands since opening multiple tabs at the same time in the mobile is impossible.

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For instance, a red chiffon saree is priced at Rs.700 after 45% discount from Ahalya brand and a similar red saree is priced at Rs.630 after 50% discount from Vishaka brand. The customer may fail to view the ‘Other Similar Products’ section on the mobile layout. As compared to the experience of searching in-app, viewing on the website gives you better experience and clarity. You can also adjust filters and view the options without going back to back. So, use your desktop computers, laptops to compare the products on various websites and then start your shopping. Moreover, never forget to compare the prices from different brands. By following this, you can choose what suits your budget as well as necessities.

5. Not being careful of the package

At unfortunate times, you end up with a wrong or bad product. There are chances of receiving wrong or damaged products during such big sales. You may get torn clothes or a dirty piece, or there can be spillage of edible products due to damage in the packaging. What are you supposed to do then? It is important to unbox the package in front of the delivery person or record a video of the same. In this way, you can record proof of wrong delivery to get refunds effortlessly.

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In such a situation, you need to talk or send an email to the customer care helpline to report the delivery of the wrong or damaged product. Eventually, they will ask you to submit the evidence of your order form and the image/video of the received product. Many people ignore doing this step as they are too excited when they receive a parcel. Take a picture immediately when you open the package.


Online sales are no less than a shopping carnival. There are n-number of brands at incredible discounts for all your needs and requirements. These were some common mistakes which shoppers make. Try to keep all these in mind and avoid the same. Moreover, besides the applied discounts, some deal aggregating websites cater to extra discounts through their exclusive coupon codes for specific categories. using these coupons can save some extra pennies on your shopping cart. Save more and shop more.

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