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#Explained: What are puberty blockers?

puberty blocker ban

As children, the general association with puberty is significant hair growth, change in voice, height change, hips & thighs start becoming fat, and other hormonal changes. This is also the age to attain sexual maturity, simultaneously these changes or feelings help to define gender identity.

Now, there are puberty blockers. These are medications that basically halt the production of estrogen or testosterone. Medically, there are processes through which production can be stopped for people who experience early puberty. Although, the same medications can be used for individuals who wish to experience delayed puberty. 

According to Dr Jessica Kremen, a pediatric endocrinologist for Boston Children’s Hospital’s Gender Multispecialty Service, shots can be given in one, three, or six months which generally last for a year. This is all done under an expert’s supervision. 

Who benefits?

The impact of non-affirming gender identity depends on the culture, and the country. Although, at an early age non-acceptance of their body generally lead to suicidal tendencies and other mental health issues. In the United States, transgender adolescents have seen fewer ‘emotional and behavioral changes when they used puberty blockers.

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During puberty, it is recommended to consult an expert to understand the changes in your body. The process of consulting the expert helps the individual to understand their gender identity better. In addition, the transition if required, can be performed under expert supervision.

According to New York Times, the process of puberty blockers is fully reversible, although more research is required to understand the process in its entirety. They are safe for short-term use and are recommended to be used during the early stages of puberty.

Florida medical boards

In recent developments, two medical boards in Florida approved the rule to ban the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and transgender surgeries for minors. 

Read more here: Florida medical boards approve ban on puberty blockers, transgender surgeries for minors 

The medical boards were drafting rules to deal with the treatment of gender dysphoria treatments for children, amidst the ‘sky-rocketing’ of gender-affirming treatment.

Read more here: Florida Medicaid sees ‘soaring increase’ of kids receiving puberty blockers, hormones, irreversible surgery 

The understanding of the boards to navigate, and have better treatment for the minors in Florida.

The lack of evidence of the above-mentioned treatments has been cited as one of the reasons for the approval.

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