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Ellie Goulding to use music as platform to address climate change

Ellie Goulding to use music as platform to address climate change

Ellie Goulding 36-year-old singer has spoken about her plans to write music about climate change as she is very angry about the constant increase.

The British singer-songwriter, who recently made headlines for referencing her new album Higher Than Heaven, has spoken openly about climate change and how she can express her concerns about it on the upcoming album.

In an exclusive chat with PEOPLE, the British singer said: “I’m really looking forward to going on tour because I know I’m going to enjoy it. Sometimes it’s hard to perform emotional songs over and over again.”

Goulding’s recently released album, Higher Than Heaven, is entirely based on high-energy dance tracks made to sound like in nightclubs.

The singer, 36, made the record while pregnant with her son Arthur, whom she shared with husband Caspar Jopling, during lockdown just after releasing 2020’s Brightest Blue album, which she describes as “heart and soul”.

Ellie Goulding considers environmental music

As a longtime passionate climate change activist, she has been deeply upset by the state of the world and the lack of urgency by certain leaders to reduce pollution and its effects.

Although she had never created music on such themes before, it could happen for a future project.

“People used to say to me sometimes, ‘Will you ever write about the environment?’ I used to be ashamed of it,” Goulding explained.

“Now, I’m not so sure anymore. It’s starting to piss me off so much that I think it’s going to end up on a few songs at some point on an album,” she added.

The ‘Love Me Like You Do’ hitmaker went on to add that it is “frustrating” that some venues are not entirely on board with the concept of adopting measures that would combat the effects of climate change but is taking “small steps” when it comes to her own brand, such as sourcing higher quaility merchandise materials and attempting to reduce plastic waste.

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