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Home » ‘Dirty Dancing’ actress claims Harvey Weinstein masturbated on her breasts, face

‘Dirty Dancing’ actress claims Harvey Weinstein masturbated on her breasts, face

‘Dirty Dancing’ actress claims Harvey Weinstein masturbated on her breasts, face

A dancer from ‘Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights,’ who was a body double in the 2004 film produced by Harvey Weinstein, took the stand Thursday and claimed the Hollywood mogul masturbated on her face and body while her assistant waited outside of a hotel room.

Sobbing and crying during Weinstein’s sexual assault trial in Los Angeles, the dancer, known as Ashley M in court, gave a harrowing account of her 2003 hotel encounter with Weinstein in Puerto Rico.

Matthau’s hand shook as he took the oath and he began to cry before saying a single word. Matthau wiped away tears with a handkerchief and took a deep, laboured breath as he waited for Deputy District Attorney Marlene Martinez to begin her questioning.

Asked by Ella Martinez how she was feeling, Matthau said, “I’m really upset.” Judge Lisa B. Lench encouraged Matthau to take a break, and she was escorted out of the courtroom.

When he returned, Matthau testified that Weinstein masturbated and ejaculated on her at her hotel in 2003 in Puerto Rico, where he was filming a small role in Miramax’s “Dirty Dancing” sequel “Havana Nights.”

Matthau did not seem to want to look directly at Weinstein when he was asked to describe the defendant, misidentifying the colour of his suit jacket as blue before correcting himself.

Matthau, who used to be a dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, was 22 years old at the time of the alleged incident. She said that Weinstein approached her on set and asked her to leave her to talk. After commenting that she was pretty, he said he wanted a “naked massage” from her, Matthau testified. When she said, “No, I’m engaged,” he asked her the name of her fiancé, director Charlie Matthau, son of actor Walter Matthau, and claimed to know him.

Ashley then shared that although she felt scared, she got into the limo with Weinstein because Hung assured her that he would be with her. After the short 10-15 minute ride, the limo stopped at a hotel where the three of them took a room. “I walked in and he walked in and… And then Bonnie closed the door behind us,” she said.

Sharing what happened in the hotel room, she testified: “I had no idea what to do, she was scared.”

“Harvey started to get aggressive and eventually pushed me on the bed,” she testified. “He was saying a lot of things and he pushed me and ended up taking off my shirt, my clothes and my bra.”

She shared that Weinstein told her, “It’s not like we’re having sex, it’s just cuddling naked.”

Ashley shared that she told him to stop, but he didn’t. “I remember thinking in my head, what should I do? Should I run away, but I knew he was really big and I knew Bonnie was probably out there so I didn’t know what to do.” she testified. She describes herself as “hysterical”, she said that she was crying while this was happening.

She testified that Weinstein began to straddle her and then began to masturbate after removing her clothes. “He just said ‘it’s okay, it’s not like we’re having sex.’ And then he ejaculated on me, on my breasts and something on my face,” she said.

“I was really thankful that I wasn’t raped. I remember thinking and I remember cleaning myself up, I just got dressed real quick and left real quick.”

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