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Delta Plus 'worrying variant', alerted three states: Centre

Delta Plus 'worrying variant The Central Government has issued a warning to the three states where its cases have been reported

By Ground Report
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Delta Plus

Ground Report | New Delhi: Delta Plus 'worrying variant The Central Government has issued a warning to the three states where its cases have been reported, describing the Delta Plus variant of the Covid-19 as a 'worrying variant'. These states include Maharashtra, Kerala, and Madhya Pradesh where genome sequencing has found 22 cases of this variant.

Cases of infection from Delta Plus have been found in Ratnagiri and Jalgaon in Maharashtra, Palakkad, and Pathanamthitta in Kerala, and Bhopal and Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh.

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Giving information about the advisory being sent to these three states, the central government said, "The Chief Secretaries of the states have been advised to take immediate steps for containment in these districts and clusters, which will prevent crowd and gathering of people, on a large scale." But testing, extensive testing, and vaccination, etc. These steps will be almost the same as before, but they have to be more focused and effective. We don't want these low cases to become more."

Third-wave likely Delta Plus 'worrying variant

Due to the Delta Plus variant, many experts have feared the third wave of corona infection and preparations have started in Maharashtra as well. The state government is examining the travel history and vaccination status of those found infected with the Delta Plus variant. The most worrying thing is that very little is known about this variant and it has been found in nine countries.

Om Srivastava, a member of Maharashtra's Covid Task Force, said, "This is worrying because we don't know much about it, how it will behave, etc. We do know that the rest of the world has found the delta variant to be more contagious. It spreads very rapidly and it can infect many people at once in a short period of time."Delta Plus also has the potential to cause more serious illness.

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Another mutation has now occurred in the delta variant (B.1.617.2) of the coronavirus found for the first time in India. With this mutation, it is known as the 'Delta Plus' or 'AY.1' variant. Following the K417N mutation in the spike protein of the delta variant, it became the delta plus variant. This variant has been found so far in 10 countries including India. It is also succeeding in bypassing the protection provided by the antibody cocktail.

Expressing concern over the Delta Plus variant, Professor Shahid Jameel, one of India's top virologists, said that this variant can be successful in defeating both the vaccine and the infection immunity.

He told India Today, "The delta plus variant has the K417N mutation which was also found in the beta variant found in South Africa. It has been established that the beta variant is more capable of dodging vaccines than the alpha and delta variants. is successful."

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