Railway introduces airport like check-in at the railway stations

The Indian Railways is going to adapt the airport-like check-in at the railway stations soon. Due to the corona-virus pandemic in the nation, the Indian Railways will provide QR code enabled tickets for those people who buy tickets over the counter. This decision has taken by the Indian Railways so that contactless ticketing should be done. 

“While 85% train tickets are currently being booked online, a QR code will also be available for those buying tickets from counters”, said by the Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav. Those who book their tickets online will be provided with the QR code on their tickets and, who buys window tickets will get a system generated SMS on their mobile phones which will have a link that displays QR code when the link gets clicked. 

The scanning of QR code on the tickets gets done by the handheld devices and mobile phones at the stations and trains. Yadav said in his statement that, ” the TTE at stations or on trains either with their handheld equipment or through their mobile phones which will have a QR application will be able to scan the code and immediately capture details of the passengers travelling on the ticket.

“So the ticketing system will be completely contactless,” he said.

He also added, “the IRCTC website will be completely revamped and the processes simplified, personalised and even integrated with hotel and meal bookings”. Furthermore, he said,” that the Railways has digitised all its assets for better monitoring”.

A pilot project at the Prayagraj Junction of North Central Railway has already been introduced regarding contactless ticket checking system with an airport like check-in for all passengers entering the station.

Written by Shrey Shrivastava, He is journalism graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication.

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