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Climate Villain: Virat Kohli took special chartered flight from west Indies

Indian cricket Virat Kohli's recent choice to take a special chartered flight from the West Indies to India has stirred up discussions

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Climate Villain: Virat Kohli took special chartered flight from west Indies

Indian cricket Virat Kohli's recent choice to take a special chartered flight from the West Indies to India has stirred up discussions about the environmental impact of such flights, shedding light on the decisions celebrities make in balancing their commitments with their carbon footprint.

Kohli has had an eventful cricket journey, marking a significant achievement with his recent Test series against the West Indies. He became the first batter to score a century in his 500th international game, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Despite actively participating in the ODI series, he didn't have the chance to face a single ball on the field.

During the ODI series, they adjusted Kohli's role to create opportunities for emerging talents. This decision led to him being absent from the second and third ODIs. Notably, Rohit Sharma, another key player, opted for a break during the final two matches, allowing Hardik Pandya to take on the captaincy.

It was reported that Global Air Charter Services arranged a dedicated flight for Virat Kohli's return from the West Indies to India. This gesture underscores Kohli's immense popularity among fans and showcases the extent to which his presence impacts the cricketing world.

Virat Kohli expressed his gratitude on social media to aerospace company Air Charter Service for arranging the special flight. He also extended his appreciation to Abu Patel, Director at Air Charter Service, for playing a crucial role in making the extraordinary journey possible.

Environmental Concerns and Private Jets

However, the story takes a twist as environmental concerns come into play. Private jets, including the one Kohli used, emit high carbon emissions.

Data from the non-governmental organization Transport & Environment reveals that private jets can be up to 14 times more polluting than commercial planes per passenger and up to 50 times more polluting than trains. Shockingly, a single private jet can emit two metric tons of carbon dioxide in just an hour.

In the last three years, the environmental group found that private jets emitted a total of 5.3 million tonnes of CO2, with the number of flights skyrocketing from nearly 119,000 in 2020 to 573,000 in 2022.

Kohli's flight choice reflects a broader trend among celebrities. Many well-known individuals choose private jets despite the significant carbon emissions they produce. Notable personalities such as Taylor Swift, Floyd Mayweather, Jay-Z, Alex Rodriguez, Blake Shelton, Steven Spielberg, Kim Kardashian, Mark Wahlberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Travis Scott have connections to private jet usage.

This incident has ignited a broader discussion about the environmental impact of such chartered flights, especially when they involve well-known individuals. As worries about climate change grow, actions like these come under closer examination and raise important questions about how people manage their commitments while also considering environmental duties.

Question arises: Should private jets be forbidden?

Private planes emit much more greenhouse gases compared to other modes of transportation. On average, a single trip on a private plane releases CO2 emissions equivalent to driving a petrol car from Paris to Rome 16 times.

According to a Greenpeace report, the busiest private jet route in Europe last year was Paris-London, with an average of nine trips between these cities each day.

Interestingly, a direct and frequent train connection exists between these two cities, taking less than two hours.

The French government has been pushing for stricter rules within the EU for private jets, short-haul flights, and budget flights.

During an EU meeting of transport ministers in December, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Portugal expressed their support for France's proposal.

Addressing aviation emissions is a vital part of tackling climate change, but comprehensive actions are required across various areas.

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